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Heritage Gold 10 week Trained Puppies

Reservation for Female
Born to Genevieve and Sutter

Available to go home: 4/30/2022
Now accepting visitors!
*Pictures are of the litter, not a specific pup


We have one open reservation available for a Female from Genevieve and Sutter's litter.  You are welcome to contact us now and make an appointment to see Genevieve and her amazing puppies now.  At just over 10 weeks of age, her pup will be ready to go home with you as soon as Saturday, April 30th. 

Genevieve is such a mellow and sweet girl that wants to snuggle up with you and hangout by your side.  Sutter, the sire of the litter is always a happy, happy guy and is a fun spirited love bug.  All of these puppies are wonderfully balanced and smart, happy pups with wonderful temperaments.  All of the girls in this litter are exactly where we would like them to be training-wise and they continue to grow and learn every day.  

Training and Pricing:  For a completely detailed list of what our puppies work on week by week and example videos, please click here

In a shortened version, these puppies have learned, and will continue working on commands such as "Come,"   "Sit" (with a built in "stay"),  "Down" (with a built in "stay"),   "Place" (with a built in stay),  "Dress,"  "Look,"  a foundation to a proper "Heel," and introductions to other more difficult commands.  We have also worked on building a positive crate experience for our younger puppies, if you would like to continue crate training.  Additionally, from a young age, they have been socialized with other people and children of all ages, other puppies, other adult dogs, various other larger and smaller animals, ranging from Horses to Cats.  We also continue to work on house manners, door manners, and other positive behaviors that they are already "Acing!" 

You will be so impressed with just how much our 10 week old puppies know at this young age!  
The total cost of the puppy and his/her training is a total of $5,900 for the above pups.

I am interested!... Now what!?:  In order to make sure that each family and each puppy is going to get the best home for their needs, we ask that you go to our reservation list page, scroll down the page until you find the application, complete the application, then submit.  After you have completed the application please email Heather and Delaney at so we know to look for and review your application, we know which puppy you are interested in, and how to proceed. 

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