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Bailey at eleven weeks of age (DOB: 9/15/19), is gentle, adventurous, and very observant. She is a confident girl with an analytical side, specifically when she politely waits for her siblings to get their crazies out before jumping in to play with them.  She will often wait nicely in a sit, before the gate opens, rather than jumping/pushing. She is smart and loves to be on top of the cot or up on the slide to have height advantage when playing with the others. She is very social and cuddly, but is also comfortable exploring on her own or self-entertaining.  Will do great in any type of household. A very nice, calm and sweet puppy. 

Notes from our Trainer:

Bailey is such a gentle and sweet girl. She has a curious and adventurous spirit, but also enjoys staying closely as she navigates the world. She is very smart and has learned to go to her PLACE, SIT and DOWN. Bailey has a lot of personality, even when she first meets new people or is in a new environment. She likes to analyze a situation before engaging, which also makes her very observant and attentive. Bailey loves to play and can be very goofy as she rolls around on her back to receive affection. She is learning how to walk on a leash and is exploring new environments with encouraging treats and words which help to boost her confidence and teach her how to follow without mouthing at the leash.  Bailey is crate trained to sleep through the night and has done very well with potty training.  

Bailey is learning: SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, COME, STAY, LET'S GO, PLACE, Name and commands are growing daily.

She is available NOW with her three additional weeks of foundations in learning training for $5500.00.

Please contact us for more information or for a chance to meet Bailey.

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