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Bella (DOB: 9/1/19) has a good balance of expressive energy during activities and mellowness during down-time. Coming from our fun loving Florin and our adventurous Ari, Bella loves to follow and be underfoot while exploring new places/exposures, though is also quite confident when she decides to venture off on her own or play with her siblings. She will run around a room and check back in when she wants attention or treats, and will show her affectionate side (she may be just as happy in your arms or on a lap, as running and playing). All together, some of the more energetic siblings will push her around, but she will still make her way through the crowd to make sure she is in front to greet. She has good therapy training qualities and would be great for any household.

She is a lovely girl that we are sad to see go, but we are happy that she will be finding her new companions.  Including her training, she will be ready to go home either on December 23rd for $7900 or January 11th for $9900.

Please contact us for more information or for a chance to meet Bella.

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