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Bentley, at eleven weeks, (DOB: 9/15/19) is adventurous and happy-go-lucky.  He loves to explore and play. In new environments, it does not take him long to venture out and explore on his own (coming back to check in often). He is very curious and playful, he likes to parade his toy around and is definitely an instigator for play; he can be quite goofy and expressive. He will also do well when being left alone with no separation anxiety. He is playful and likes to run and explore, but also has a nice settling attribute during downtime where he is very cuddly and content on your lap.  Will do wonderful in any type of household.

Notes from our trainer:

Easy-going and social, Bentley is very confident in his skin and loves to run outside on the grass for training. He is food motivated and will respond to SIT on verbal and easily lures into a DOWN position with treats as he goes to his PLACE. He does like to explore on his own outside, but is pretty responsive to COME (and TOUCH) so far with either a clap of the hands or backing up to give him a little bit more support. He looks to people for direction and truly wants to please. He does very well at not mouthing or jumping up, offering a SIT at my feet most of the time until I give him something else to do. He is going to his PLACE, and offers a full DOWN, where we are now practicing longer STAY durations. He is also acclimating well with the harness on him during training and walking on leash.  He is crate trained to sleep in his crate through the night and is doing very well on potty training.

Bentley is learning: SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, COME, STAY, LET'S GO, PLACE, Name and is continuing to learn more every day.

Mr. Bentley is a breeder’s pick puppy and is available NOW with three additional weeks of foundations in learning from our professional staff at $6500.00

Please contact us for more information or for a chance to meet Bentley.

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