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Graduated & Reserved

(DOB:1/12/18) Beautiful Bexley is a great little puppy from our wonderful Nina and Oliver. His conformation to the breed standard is exceptional with a lovely blocky head, short muzzle, dark pigment and feathering cream English coat. He is an adventurous and confident little ball of fluff and loves to be played with and explore.  His learning ​is going well and we are pleased to see him develop. He will go through ten weeks of training including the full training schedule in basic obedience, socialization with people and animals, training with distractions, house manners, crate training and potty training with our professional trainers and our staff. His price was $8500.00.


Progress Report from the trainer:

"Bexley is mellow and easy going. It is very easy to walk outside on the grass and have him follow close by. He can be curious and explore on his own, but still performs great recalls up to the point where I don’t need to use the long leash with him. Bexley loves to ride in the car and is always happy to try to get in himself. At the park he is happy to walk along the trail and sit on the grass to watch people go by. When he sees kids, other dogs, or other things that are curious to him he always looks my way and waits for an OK to explore his new surroundings.  He recovers quickly and happily when startled.  Bexley truly wants to please in Golden Retriever fashion. He is very well mannered and a very fast learner.  He will make an exceptional pet in any type of home.


Commands: SIT, DOWN, COME, TOUCH, (go to your) PLACE, STAY, LET'S GO (leash walking), WAIT, OFF, GET IT, BRING IT, GIVE, DROP IT.

Responds to Name.    


New Exposures: Jumping up with two front paws in vehicle (easy to boost pup in), riding in car and training/socializing in the park/community.

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