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Brooklyn at 12 weeks of age (DOB: 8/27/19), is a very social and confident girl.  Brooklyn is enjoying her training time outside and is both social and food motivated. She loves to explore on her own, but will also choose to stay underfoot and offer a SIT for treats. She is walking on a leash (attached to her harness) without mouthing it, treating incrementally for short distances. She loves to go to her PLACE and is offering a full DOWN on the mat for her reward, so she is now progressing quickly to STAY. She is responding very nicely to TOUCH and COME.  Her recall is also very on par for her young age.  Brooklyn sleeps through the night in her crate and asks to be let out to the bathroom at the door.  She adores children and other animals.

Learning Cues: SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, COME, PLACE, LET'S GO, YES (Clicker), OFF, STAY 

- Socialization/integration with people and the other puppies

- Body handling (can be held on back, touch paws, tails, etc.)

- Positive association with name to begin recognition.

- Taking treats gently and following food lures into positions (SIT, DOWN)

- Learn YES! and Clicker sound (food reward cue). This will help each puppy learn what behaviors earn them treats!

- Introduction to wearing front clip harness for leash training.

- Introduction to PLACE (reward for any time they SIT or DOWN on specific mat.

- Training in a variety of contexts (inside, outside, and exposure in car).

Brooklyn, with her five weeks of training, is available to go home NOW for $7500.

Please contact us for more information or for a chance to meet Brooklyn.

Brooklyn's Training Video
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