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Callie of Classic Heritage

Graduated & Reserved

(DOB:4/2/18) Callie was born of our Sasha and Oliver and has a stelar personality and looks to match. Her conformation to the breed standard is impeccable.  Pink is a charmer to her core and is easy-going, mellow, sweet, amiable, confident, and playful.  Even in taking these photos, her playfulness and warmth shows and she loves to be with everyone she meets.  She is a very happy girl and appreciates human attention, toys and exploring.  She has a moderate, even drive, so she will enjoy quality play and activity time with her people.  Although, when it is time to calm down, she loves to be held and enjoys company.  Callie is a great lover and an avid player.  Coming from her parents, we look forward to her having the best of both of their personalities.  Callie went to her new home on July 21st after her full ten weeks of training, for $9500.00.

Update from the trainer:

  • Easy-going and mellow in temperament.  Sweet, amiable, and confident overall.

  • Very food motivated and is easy to lure into positions. She gets very excited with food and shows her bouncy, playful self. When held she is relaxed and calms down easily, enjoying human attention and toys or exploring on her own.

  • Offering SIT and will go to PLACE for a treat easily.  She is staying for longer distances and coming when called. She is a people pleaser and wants to learn. 

  • She is night time crate trained and starting to use the doggie door.

Contact us for a chance to meet Callie and hear more information on her.

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