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"Shot in the Dark of Classic Heritage"


Chance DOB: 7/25/18 is a playful and caring puppy just like we expect from Genevieve and Ace.  He is very social and loves to be close and follow other humans and dogs alike. He is very amiable and attentive. When being with Chance, he will stay by your side, even when other dogs would leave.  He is a lovely, pleasant boy that enjoys play time and calm time if he has someone to share it with.  Chance is very curious with new surroundings, and enjoys staying underfoot or close by to explore with you. He is also very playful and  polite when interacting with other dogs. Easy-going nature and would enjoy any type of home, both quiet or active.  Puppy will be crate and potty trained before going to new home.  With his two months of training, his price is $9500.00.  He too will be ready to go home December 1st

Update from our Trainer: First two weeks

"Although he is very social and loves interacting with people (good when held or training inside), Chance likes to explore new environments and is learning how to COME, even with the distractions. He is very confident and adventurous; he does well with his harness on and no issues with the first introduction to a leash attached. He is not as interested in food treats, so we are searching for a higher value treat to motivate him along with using a toy to reinforce his recall. Inside he is offering a SIT and will lure into a DOWN well. With a toy he is more enthusiastic about COME and is also practicing to trade the toy nicely.  I look forward to watch Chance grow into the beautiful and obedient boy he is becoming.

Learning Commands: SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, COME, Name"

Please contact us for more information on Chance and the chance to meet him.

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