Available Adults


We currently have a retired female as well as dogs looking for a Guardian home.  If you are interested in applying for one of our retired dogs or for our Guardian program, please fill out a short questionnaire to see if you would qualify.


We occasionally retire our dogs and we are accepting applications for their new families.  They range from four to six years of age and still have a lot of life to live and love to give.  We can provide more information on which females/males and when they will be ready to find their new homes.   We are looking for the best of homes for these dogs where they will be treated like the queens/kings they are.  Filling out the application with as much information that will help us in our decision making is imperative.  Please let us know if you would like more information or fill out an application and if you are still interested in learning more you are welcome to submit your application.  A home visit is required for ALL retiring dogs.

Click Here If interested in more information or meeting these lovely dogs.