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(Roman Maximus of Sweetmeats)

DOB: 5/4/2018 


IABCA National and International Puppy Champion

Best of Breed

What can I say......Max has it all! Well almost, all he is missing is you!

He is the swiss army knife of Goldens, the boy scout of his pack! He is confident, playful,
loving, patient and has a wonderful controlled drive. Max wants nothing but to please with
such a true golden retriever nature. He has a perfect “on/off switch” for optimal performance in every area of obedience and down time. Max loves having fun at play but he has no problem
sharing that he has a black belt in obedience as well.  Max is a Certified Canine Good Citizen
and he would excel in any type of therapy program. He is an incredibly loving, sensory
oriented and obedient dog.

His commands are mastered and some of them are listed below:
Look, Sit/Stay/Down, Come, Place, Wait, Leave it, Heel, Off, No/Yes, Quiet, etc.

His duration for commands is amazing and he always waits patiently until he is released.

Max is looking for a very special home with a very loving person or family that will give him all that he deserves and a family that will allow him to continue in his training to continue to
become the very best dog that we all know he is.


* Video of obedience training as well as just to
see how wonderful max is, is available on request.

If you would like to meet Max we are happy

to talk to you about this wonderful boy and set up an appointment to meet him if we feel you
are the right family for this incredible dog. His placement will be based on the best family for
him and his very wonderful abilities.


Be prepared to fall in love!

Max - $12,000

We occasionally retire our dogs and we are accepting applications for their new families.  They range from four to six years of age and still have a lot of life to live and love to give.  We can provide more information on which females/males and when they will be ready to find their new homes.   We are looking for the best of homes for these dogs where they will be treated like the queens/kings they are.  Filling out the application with as much information that will help us in our decision making is imperative.  Please let us know if you would like more information or fill out an application and if you are still interested in learning more you are welcome to submit your application.  A home visit is required for ALL retiring dogs.

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If interested in more information or meeting these lovely dogs, please inquire about our retiring dogs.