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Lucy of Classic Heritage

Lucy (DOB:1/12/18) is from our litter of Nina and Oliver and with her outstanding conformation to the breed standard, is a bold and curious puppy.  One of Lucy's strongest attributes is her mind and her passion.  She is not the type of puppy to do something half heartedly.  If she wants to play, she wants to play a lot. If she wants to cuddle, she wants to cuddle a lot.  Lucy has a strong character, but with her training, she has mellowed and is well on her way to becoming a wonderful solid dog and companion   She has had a month of training of foundations in obedience, is night time crate trained, uses the dog door and her potty box, 100% of the time.  Her cost was $6500.00.


Words from the trainer:

"Lucy is a fast learner and does everything with exuberance and confidence. Since she is so eager for training she will often escape through the gate as I take them in one by one. She picks up each command quickly and is very attentive and responsive indoors. With the amount of energy she can display, I am surprised how well she really does out on the grass off leash with recalls. She can have a shorter attention span while outside if we go too long, though, so the long leash is helpful to reel her in just in case she burns out. Balancing shorter outside/longer inside training helps. Lucy is a fan of watching the horses next door, or visiting with the cat in the driveway. She can also be quite calm and does well with the brush and being held after play/training time. 


Commands: SIT, DOWN (close to verbal), COME, TOUCH, PLACE, STAY, SHAKE 


Learning: WAIT, OFF, LET'S GO (leash walking), GET IT, BRING IT HERE, GIVE, DROP IT

Responds to Name.     

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