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Lennox (DOB: 4/9/19), is the charming son of our kind and beautiful Zayka and the studly Mister X.  He is very social and shows a nice balance of playful, amiability, gentleness, and attentiveness. Lennox will happily follow, play with toys, or contently lay in your arms/on your lap.  He gives great eye contact and is noticeably observant, which we love to see in our pups.  He is very happy to meet other dogs or cats, people and especially children.  Lenny will make a wonderful companion for any type of family given to him.  


Lennox's Update from his Trainer:

Lennox is a mellow, happy-go-lucky puppy that wants to please and loves to follow and greet people. He is food and toy motivated, where utilizing play with both tools helps to make training a fun game to keep his attention. Lennox has a goofy and endearing personality and makes outings fun; everyone who greets him complements on his polite manners, he does not jump up or get in your face. 
Lennox does very well with his basic commands and house/outing manners. He routinely practices WAIT at each gate and threshold and has become the easiest one to get out of the play yard when it is his time for training.  
He loves to run along the grass, recalling from a distance and also watching the horses next door while laying across a lap. Lennox is now at the age where he is most confident in his current surroundings, so field trips to the park, nursery, downtown, etc. are great ways to build positive associations.
Lennox is walking well on his front clip harness and is walking in public appropriately and performing asked behaviors among the many public distractions. He is smart and can grasp new concepts quickly (going to PLACE or crate for treat).

Commands: SIT, DOWN, COME, TOUCH, STAY, WAIT, OFF, PLACE, LET'S GO (leash walking), LEAVE IT,  YES
Learning: STAY for extended time, Get it/Bring it Here/Give (hand) DROP IT (ground), SHAKE, ROLL, HEEL, TURN, and more every day. 

Lennox is potty and crate trained with excellent house manners.

Lennox is looking for his new home September 28th. His price includes his foundations in training plus his puppy price at $9900.00 Please inquire for more information. 

Video from Our Trainer

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