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Canine Good Citizen Certified (CGC)


Click here to view details of the training program that Marvel has completed.

Marvel was born on May, 10 2022 to Malina and Hudson.

This wonderful guy will be your new best friend, ready for your next adventure together! He enjoys attention and love, but is also a curious pup. Marvel definitely likes to stick by his people.  He prefers to be wherever you are while doing some light exploring in-between; this makes him ot only the best adventure partner but also the best movie buddy!  His balance of playfulness and attentiveness gives you the best of both worlds. There is no match for his love of treats, but he will gladly play and fetch if you bring out those toys too!  

Marvel's basic obedience foundations are solid, with a verbal SIT and a verbal DOWN. He is greeting politely and progressing his leash walking to a perfect heal. Marvel is excelling at PLACE and will hold his position even when bouncing a ball around the room or walking in and out. He has mastered SIT, DOWN, LOOK, PLACE, TOUCH, LEAVE IT and WAIT on field trips and in different store settings too! He has strong house manners, is sleeping through the night and settles well in a crate.  This pup is eager to please and a hard worker. Marvel is a gentle and fun young pup! He would love to meet you and see if he is right for you. Marvel is ready for his new home now.

Marvel's price includes training program: $9900.00

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