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Purple Dots


Purple Dots (DOB: 9/1/19), Sweet and happy-go-lucky. His analytical side shows when he takes his time to assess new exposures, but naturally looks to people (or even other siblings) for an added confidence boost. After exploring with you he then will venture out and explore on his own.  Very curious and playful, he likes to parade his toy around and is definitely an instigator for play; He can be quite goofy and expressive. He can also be a little more independent. I will find him wander for a toy to play with on his own or sleep apart from his sibling. He is active and likes to run and explore, but also has a nice settling attribute during downtime where he is very cuddly and content on your lap. We feel that he would do great in any household.  His price is $3,900 and will be able to go home Oct 26th.

Please contact us for more information or for a chance to meet Purple Dots.

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