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Blue Camo


Blue Camo (DOB: 9/1/19), is playful, easy-going, and a little more independent than his brethren. He is social and enjoys being held or spending time with people (or with his siblings), but then will often choose to lay apart from the activity to either self-entertain with a toy or sleep apart from the rest of the litter. He is usually one of the first pups to greet me, and will often sit and be more polite to get attention, rather than jump up like his siblings. When exploring new environments, he might take an extra second to assess the situation and look to people for encouragement/direction, displaying his more "analytical" side. He also likes to follow his siblings around and can be quite goofy, when engaging in play. He displays a nice, personable mellowness paired with a playful, carefree temperament.  We feel that he would do great in any fairly active household.  His price is $3,900 and is able to go home Oct 26th.

Please contact us for more information or for a chance to meet Blue Camo.

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