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Teagan, daughter of beautiful Mika and our Handsome Barnaby (DOB: 11/17/18) is very beautiful, personable, happy, and energetic.  She is quite social and loves to be the center of attention, always one of the first to greet.  She loves hanging with all the other dogs and is everyone's friend.  Teagan is a real charmer and has an electric personality that she cannot help but share with others.  She loves to play and she appreciates any and all ball play.  Her favorite activity is to play fetch and will gladly do so with whoever she can.  We believe that she will thrive in a sport or activity based family. She would love to be a hiking partner and might even be able to learn how to surf, if given the opportunity.  She would do well if she has a job to complete, like dock diving or agility.  She is incredibly smart and picks things up quickly.  Now at six months of age she is ready for her new forever family.  Teagan is potty trained, crate trained and has excellent house manners.  

Trainer Update: Always ready to play, Teagan is a happy girl who thrives on upbeat energy while training; she enjoys incorporating games with training to keep it interesting and her engaged. She loves her toys (especially the ball) and will do just about anything asked of her for a quick toss of the ball as a reward. She brings it back and will either DROP IT on the ground or GIVE it to you in your hands. Teagan is also very food motivated which keeps training fun and versatile. She would be an excellent dog for sports such as agility, scent detection, dock diving, etc. Teagan loves the water and is truly a fun-loving, active dog who loves to go with people on adventures. Teagan enjoys meeting new people and exploring new places; she has a lot of fun on field trips and travels very well in the car when visiting the park. She is learning to walk alongside on a leash and perform simple commands (SIT, DOWN, TOUCH) while practicing in more distracting environments (introducing LEAVE IT). After walking she is quite content sitting on the grass to observe the traffic go by (people, squirrels, cars) while accepting all the love and affection you will give. As fun and outgoing as Teagan is, when spending down time together, she is incredibly sweet and cuddly!

Commands: SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, COME, STAY, WAIT, OFF, LET'S GO, GET IT/BRING IT HERE/GIVE (in hand) DROP IT (on ground), PLACE, TURN, LEAVE IT, Name, UP, KENNEL, SETTLE, READY? (attention getter)

Teagan is available in July with her multiple months of training at $8900.00

Please contact us for more information on Teagan.

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