DoB: 04/13/2019

Young Hopeful

All Health clearances are available on site.

Maddie is a blast, to put it lightly.  "Girls just want to have fun" should be her slogan.  She is quite the happy-go-lucky lady and can't wait to play with everyone she meets.  Maddie loves to romp with all the other dogs in the field or in the water; it's her favorite place to be.  In her downtime, Maddie is happy to relax at your feet and just chill out.  I do have to tell you, Maddie loves toes, and she will lick them any chance she gets. ;) 

Her conformation to the breed standard is quite beautiful and her head is stunning with such a wonderful warm smile.  Maddie has a terrific stocky build with a beautiful full feathering cream coat.  She is on the smaller side for stature at about 60 pounds.