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Canine Good Citizen Certified (CGC)


KT came to us from a family where he lived with other dogs and kiddos since he was a young puppy.  Unfortunately his family's circumstances have recently changed and other members of the family were not in a position to currently care for him.  Having had KT with some of our other dogs, pups, and the CHGR team for some time now, we were able to really get to know him better and see in person the training that he had kept up with while at his previous home and get to know this wonderful boy!  He is sure to make a family very happy and give as much love as he receives (if not more!).

KT is a handsome, happy-go-lucky guy born June 26, 2021 to our Malina and Hudson.   At just over a year old, he shows a very nice balance of playful energy and mellow attentiveness that allows for excellent training.  KT is a very people-oriented boy that loves to please his trainer, he is always eagerly sitting at your feet waiting for his next move.  He loves being close to people and is very enthusiastic during training sessions, especially when it comes to food.  He aims to please and will naturally follow you offering any commands asked of him, such as SIT, DOWN, LOOK, TOUCH, PLACE, WAIT, LEAVE IT, etc.  and all with extended duration times.  He is fun and playful, loving everyone he meets.  KT is confident and observant overall and will look to you for guidance in a new situation. He enjoys watching the horses next door and even notices birds in the sky.  He also loves water and has a great time playing in the pool.  He does love to play with other dogs and has no trouble jumping right in with any dog who is game to play as he loves them all.  At 70 pounds, Max does like to be rough and tumble with other dogs in play so that is something to keep in mind if you have other dogs, but it is never aggressive, just fun wrestling and chasing.  KT would love a home with children as he does very well with them and is great at always being gentle too.  He will be a wonderful hiking buddy that can go to the lake all day and then come home and snuggle with you on the couch.  He is potty trained, crate trained, and has wonderful house manners.  


price includes training program: $5,900.00

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