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Gold and Diamond Reserve Trained Puppies
(Service Ready/Quality)

We have set aside our highest quality puppies in beauty and structure that demonstrate early aptitude and eagerness to learn.  These puppies have excelled in our training program and are now being offered with our extended foundations in learning program.  If you want the highest quality we have that is paired with expert training, this is the right program for you.  Gold Crown Reserve puppies go home at 12-16 weeks of age and Diamond Crown Reserve puppies go home at 16-20 weeks of age. Price can also reflect how far each individual puppy has come in their training, not just their age.   Please visit the Crown Reserve Training Page (click here) to learn about what each puppy learns and pricing of the puppies seen below.  After reading through all of the above information and visiting the Crown Reserve link shown above, you are welcome to send an email of your interest and set up a time to visit these puppies.  Puppy pricing can be found at the link shown above and below. More training progress videos available on request.

Available Gold Reserve and Diamond Reserve Puppies
Please only contact us about puppy availability after you have read through the full information shown below.

Floren was born in late January of this year to our wonderful Ryleigh and Oliver!  At eight months old she is impressing all of the CHGR Team.  We could talk your ear off about this sweet and incredibly intelligent girl, but here some of the reasons we love her...

Floren loves pets and cuddles, almost as much as she loves treats.  She has a wonderful balance of calm and adventurous energy.  She will snuggle up on the couch with you, but is ready for a trip around town or a hike, whenever you are!  Floren's well rounded nature makes her very responsive and focused, which makes training a breeze.  Floren has shown herself to be quite a superstar and could easily enter any program for service or therapy and be very successful.  Floren has also passed her Canine Good Citizen Exam.

Floren has been attentive and responsive even since she was a tiny pup.  She has had her basics down at a young age and is currently mastering the duration of commands in high level distraction environments.  Floren is also continuing work on house manners, door manners, crate manners, sleeping in her crate, etc. on a daily basis.  Local dog friendly stores, and other field trips and much more! She loves exploring new places, making new friends (human and furry ones), and is very polite when greeting!  

Our fun and lovable girl adapts well in new environments and situations, and will excel in any home that is ready to give her loves, snuggles, plenty of playtime, and can continue working on advancing her skills!  She is excelling in all areas of training and providing us many smiles and laughs each day.  Please contact us to set up a visit, or if you have any questions, and/or for help on how to send in your application for review, as a potential family for Floren.

Ready to head home: October, 22nd 2022

$12,900 (If going to her new home by October, 22nd)


Crowned Reserve Information

We are proud to offer the opportunity to show  our reserve puppies that we train through our program.  We just recently had a new group of young puppies enter our Crowned Reserve program.  We greatly look forward to seeing these puppies as they grow to become ready to find their new homes.

The puppies enter the training process with the intention of providing a truly amazing dog to you.   These puppies are raised to become incredible pets and will thrive in any type of family environment they are given.  Many puppies from our Crown Reserve program go on to be incredible service dogs for people with PTSD, Autism, Blindness, Diabetes,Veteran needs, and others.  Past puppies with this distinction are shown below.  

Alongside our Classic Puppy service, our 'Crown Reserve' or 'Gold Crown Reserve' Puppy includes:

  • A reserved puppy in conformation and first picks of litter

  • Up to four months of professional training as well as follow up with trainer

  • Completely vaccinated and microchipped

  • Continued training assistance 

  • Extended Health Guarantee

If interested in our Crowned Reserve puppies, please contact us for more information.

Previously Graduated

Crowned Reserve Pups 

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