Gold and Diamond
Reserve Trained Puppies

(Service Ready/Quality)

We have set aside our highest quality puppies in beauty and structure that demonstrate early aptitude and eagerness to learn.  These puppies have excelled in our training program and are now being offered with our extended foundations in learning program.  If you want the highest quality we have that is paired with expert training, this is the right program for you.  Gold Crown Reserve puppies go home at 12-16 weeks of age and Diamond Crown Reserve puppies go home at 16-20 weeks of age. Price can also reflect how far each individual puppy has come in their training, not just their age.   Please visit the Crown Reserve Training Page (click here) to learn about what each puppy learns and pricing of the puppies seen below.  After reading through all of the above information and visiting the Crown Reserve link shown above, you are welcome to send an email of your interest and set up a time to visit these puppies.  Puppy pricing can be found at the link shown above and below. More training progress videos available on request.

Available Gold Reserve and Diamond Reserve Puppies
Please only contact us about puppy availability after you have read through the full information shown below.

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Born to Lexi and Everest
DOB: 2/5/2022
Available at 12 weeks on 4/29

Our Cream girl from Lexi and Everest's litter is an incredibly balanced and smart puppy. Lexi, Cream's mother, is a people person dog for sure and will gladly accept all of the pets in the world just like her daughter. Cream's dad, Everest, is our largest male and has such a  handsome blocky head and bigger structure, with a fun-loving and goofy personality but also a wonderful bright problem solver.  Both Lexi and Everest are happy-go-lucky dogs that love to play and hangout!  Cream is a very easy going and relaxed pup, that loves to train, play, and just hang out.  She is happy to be by her people, but also has no problem entertaining herself while you may be doing something around the house.  She would thrive in an environment that is going to provide moderate activity, some play time, some snuggles, and continued training. She will however, do wonderful in any type of household given to her as she is incredibly balanced and ready for anything.

She is excelling as expected in her training and has gained foundations in obedience such as; Sit/Stay, Down, Come, Look, Touch, Off, Yes/No, Wait, Dress, Heel and so much more.  She will pass her CGC Star Puppy Class with flying colors.  She sleeps through the night in her crate and uses the doggy door and pellet box with ease. Make an appointment now to meet this wonderful girl to see if she is right for your family.

12 weeks on 4/29 - $9,900

13 weeks on  5/6 - $10,900 

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Born to Zayka and Everest
DOB: 11/22/21
Available Now!

Titus is a big boy with a wonderful, fun personality! He is a ball of Joy who is sure to make you love him from the moment you meet him. He absolutely LOVES the water, but that’s no surprise with parents like Zayka and Everest. Titus has a wonderful on and off switch so he is very serious and ready to play but will relax with ease when playtime is done. His obedience and house manners are beautiful and he thrives with structure and praise, and of course treats!  He sits calmly at mealtime and loves to be on his place. He has nice controllable drive and focus, and responds quickly to his trainers.  Just like his dad, he has a very curious personality and loves to learn and explore.  We expect him to do best with a fairly active family, but he is easygoing enough to adjust to any type of lifestyle. He is an absolute sweetheart with lots of love to give! Titus is an all-around amazing puppy.  A fun and happy boy for sure!  Titus has amazing conformation to the breed standard and will be on the larger side when fully grown. A overall happy-go-lucky puppy just looking for a fun and loving family to love him.  He is social and loves to meet anyone new with wonderful confidence that we truly like to see.  Titus will do fine on his own as well with NOT a single tendency to have any separation anxiety, chewing on unwanted items, or other insecurities.  He is very balanced and confident for sure!

He would love a family that will take turns snuggling him, playing ball, going on walks and hikes, playing in the water and even just hanging out watching movies after ball play is done.  He loves to explore and is a nicely confident puppy. His outgoing adventurous side combined with his snuggly nature will make him wonderful with all ages. His training is excelling every day in obedience. He trains equally well with treats and praise.  He sleeps a full night in his crate without accidents or whining and is potty trained to the go to the door to let you know when he needs to go out and also the dog door.  He is excelling in all areas of training including obedience as follows:

Look, Sit/Stay, Down, Come, Place, Look, Touch, Wait, Hug, Bring It, Leave it, Dress (putting on harness),Heel, Pick it up, Off, No/Yes, and more.  His duration for commands is excellent and he is overall a very patient and loving puppy.  Titus is also ready to get his CGC Star Puppy Certification.
We look forward to introducing you to the most loving, sweet guy anyone could as for. Contact us to make an appointment to meet Titus and see if he is right for your family.  He is ready to go to his new home today!

Titus - 5 months  $14,900.00                     

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Born to Zayka and Everest
DOB: 11/22/21
Available Now!

Ellie is a big love bug who truly enjoys being with people and meeting everyone new with ease.  She loves to explore as much as she loves to cuddle.  She is very intelligent, learns quickly, and easily picks up on the behaviors of people and other dogs around her.  She’s quite the happy pup who will eagerly take on an adventure with humans and dogs alike.  She is excellent at checking back in and always checks to make sure she is doing the "right thing".  Ellie will make a wonderful companion, in the house and out! Ellie is a puppy that truly looks to please her handler and follows "the rules".  She is an excellent candidate for possible therapy certification. Ellie is an easygoing, gentle girl who loves to please and make you smile! She has a nicely balanced personality and is just as happy playing fetch or splashing in a pool as she is with her head in your lap. She is a gentle puppy who is on track to become the world’s best snuggler! She has excellent house manners and a great off switch when it’s time to relax. She adores everyone, including dogs of all sizes and cats. Ellie is very intelligent and trainable and she learns very quickly. She has great handler focus and a reliable recall.  She has her basic obedience down to a T and her duration is very impressive for her age!  She can sit and wait nicely for her food, keeping things calm at mealtime. She is housebroken and consistently sleeping in her kennel through the night. She will transition very well to a dog bed as well.  Ellie is a loving, respectful, well-mannered pup who would thrive in any home and is sure to melt your heart! 

She is excelling in all areas of her training including obedience as follows:

Sit/Stay, Down, Come, Look, Touch, Place, Wait, Leave it, Bring It, Hug, Dress (putting on harness), Heel, Pick it up, Off, No/Yes, and more.  Her duration for commands is excellent and she is a very bright puppy and most importantly she will be a loving and loyal puppy to any type of family given to her.  Ellie is also ready to get her CGC Star Puppy Certification.  Ellie is ready to find her new home now! Please check out her training video and more video footage is available on request.

Please contact us for more information and to set up a visit with wonderful Ellie.  She is ready for her new home today.

Ellie 5 months - $14,900


Crowned Reserve Information

We are proud to offer the opportunity to show  our reserve puppies that we train through our program.  We just recently had a new group of young puppies enter our Crowned Reserve program.  We greatly look forward to seeing these puppies as they grow to become ready to find their new homes.

The puppies enter the training process with the intention of providing a truly amazing dog to you.   These puppies are raised to become incredible pets and will thrive in any type of family environment they are given.  Many puppies from our Crown Reserve program go on to be incredible service dogs for people with PTSD, Autism, Blindness, Diabetes,Veteran needs, and others.  Past puppies with this distinction are shown below.  

Alongside our Classic Puppy service, our 'Crown Reserve' or 'Gold Crown Reserve' Puppy includes:

  • A reserved puppy in conformation and first picks of litter

  • Up to four months of professional training as well as follow up with trainer

  • Completely vaccinated and microchipped

  • Continued training assistance 

  • Extended Health Guarantee

If interested in our Crowned Reserve puppies, please contact us for more information.

Previously Graduated

Crowned Reserve Pups 

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