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Waiting List, Deposit Contract,


Puppy Questionnaire

Click file above to print and return to us to reserve a puppy AFTER we talk or email.

Click file above to print and return to us AFTER you have chosen you new puppy at 8 weeks of age

The above contract and deposit policy may be updated or altered by the breeder up to day of sale, but these are close samples of what you will sign.  Some factors may be unique to the sale of your particular puppy or dog which will change certain portions of the contract.  Breeder reserves the right to cancel sale prior to final signature on contract even if a deposit has been paid.  A paid deposit does not guarantee a puppy or dog.  If the breeder does not want to proceed with the sale, your deposit would be returned.  Payment terms, timing, and type (cash, check, credit) is at the breeders discretion, but you will be notified in writing.


Puppy Questionnaire

Please fill out our contact form on the "Contact Us" page BEFORE completing this survey.  

The below questionaire is ONLY filled out AFTER we receive your contact informaiton and your deposit.  

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