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The Great "Gatsby" of Classic Heritage

Graduated & Reserved

Born September 15th, 2017, Gatsby is the wonderful pup of our Mika and Ace.  He is truly remarkable in looks and temperament. He takes after Ace in his calm demeanor and after both parents in his desire to love and be loved.  Both parents adore EVERYONE they meet, wagging their bodies with excitement to meet and be with you. Gatsby is loved by all and he is loving and patient.  He does not jump and sits and waits patiently, wagging his tail or thumping it, for his interaction with you.  Due to his temperament, Gatsby has been deemed as a great candidate for therapy or service work.  He is a beautiful pup and we are extremely pleased with the dog that he becoming.  Because of this, Classic Heritage would like to hold breeding rights on Gatsby.  Gatsby’s price reflects his puppy price of $5000.00 plus his twelve (12) weeks of training fees of $8400.00 bringing his total cost to $12,900.

Here's a video of Gatsby progress

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