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In order to give our breeding dogs the very best life possible and to limit the impact on our neighbors around us, it is important to limit how many dogs we personally keep. However, we understood in order to breed the highest quality dogs in health and temperament, which is our main goal, we also needed to keep, evaluate, and be able to add quality bloodlines to our breeding program. So, how is all of this going to be possible?

For us and many other breeders like us, the solution is a Guardian Program.

Our Guardian Dog program has allowed us to expand our dog breeding program with pride and has helped us to breed the very highest quality golden retriever puppies and still allow some of our dogs to live in an outside home environment.

When being a Guardian home with us you get a top quality/breeder pick puppy or breeding dog. The dog stays with you as your family member for the life of the dog as we retain all breeding rights for a certain amount of litters.  Females starting around two years of age, passing all certifications and reaching their sexual maturity and ending once the female has whelped a set amount of litters (no more than 4). Males to be available for our breeding purposes for an indeterminate amount of time as an unaltered STUD. Males retire around 7 years of age. It will depend on quantity and quality of semen as they age.  Some dogs will also be required to attend local shows, which we will pay and provide for.

Our guardians are responsible for the dog’s regular health such as: annual exams, vaccines, food, heartguard, flea and tick meds, grooming, etc. Classic Heritage would pay for any and all genetic and/ or health testing required for breeding, and all breeding related expenses. Once the dog has passed their genetic health clearances and certifications she/he is added to our breeding program. We decide when she/he will be bred and to whom they will be bred.  Females will stay with their guardian family during her pregnancy (60-63 days) and then returned to us at least one week before her due date to deliver (whelp) and then she will raise her puppies here with us for 8-9 weeks. Guardian is always welcome to help in this endeavor however, it is not required. Once her puppies are weaned, she's returned to her guardian family.  We welcome many visits while nursing mom is here with us.

When the dog is older and completes his/her breeding obligations, Classic Heritage will pay for spay/neuter and your dog comes home to enjoy the wonderful life you have provided for him/ her since he/she came to live with you.

There are many things that Guardian families need to consider. Guardians of females will have to deal with heat cycles every 6-9 months and keeping their girl protected from unwanted males. The Guardian family will need to learn the signs of a heat cycle and be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us to ensure a successful breeding.  When males are needed for breeding, once advance notice is given, dog must be made available for breeding purposes.

Qualifying to be a Guardian Home:

  • Guardians must own and live in a home with a fully fenced yard

  • At least one adult must work from home or be a "stay home parent"

  • Guardians must keep the dog on a leash or in a fenced area. Guardians must be willing to continue to train the dog in the basic obedience commands (off, down, sit, come, place, leave it, house manners, potty training, etc.)

  • Guardians must ensure the puppy/dog is socialized to adults, children and other animals. Guardians must keep dog at optimal condition and not allow the dog to become overweight or underweight. Daily exercise must be provided.

  • Guardians must provide appropriate veterinary care.

  • Guardians must have previous dog experience. Any other dog owned by guardian MUST be spayed or neutered and no more than one other dog owned by Guardian.

  • Guardians must provide emergency care when needed.

  • Guardians must feed the raw food diet supplied and approved by the breeder which must be purchased from breeder on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Food provided will be Heritage Prime Pet Raw Dog Food (Made and distributed by Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers)

  • Guardians must be able and willing to identify and notify us immediately when a female begins her heat cycle. Guardians must not allow the female in heat near any other intact males. Guardians must not allow a male dog to breed with unapproved females.

  • Guardians must live within a reasonable driving distance of Sacramento California, no more than 1.5 hour driving distance from our location in Newcastle.

  • Guardians must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding testing, mating, whelping, and other breeding related activities.

  • Our Guardian Home program is actually a very simple program even though it may seem like there are a lot of details. To my knowledge there is no better way than the guardian home program to help reputable breeders like ourselves to continue to breed our dogs in a loving environment. In order to continue to produce our HAPPY and HEALTHY puppies for families who are looking for a forever pet or are in need of a service dog, we have adopted this wonderful program and it has worked very well for us and the guardian families involved.

If you're interested in becoming a Guardian home, please look over our Guardian Home application. Link provided below. If you are looking to become a guardian home for one of our adult dogs, please also review the adult dog application below. 

Contact us if you would like to come by and visit our available dogs. Please be sure to specify if you are interested in a particular dog.  Our guardian puppies/dogs start at $2000.00 (depending on age/training level at placement)

Your application will be saved and you will be contacted if we have dogs available or once we have any openings, the people we think will be the best fit will be contacted for an interview.

You're more then welcome however to email us with your questions at anytime. We're specifically looking for local families with dog experience who live in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.

If you just have basic questions then you can contact me directly, using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Love to give, Commitment, Socialization, and Trust.

Be willing to work with us &
Be a fantastic dog owner for the life of your dog.

Adult Dog Application

Thank you for your interest in one of our wonderful guardian dogs.  We are happy to share more information with you about availability and who may be a good fit for your family.  Please share us a little about yourself below and we will tell you more.