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Hailey (DOB:8/20/18) is the daughter of Vasilisa and Max and is an exceptional girl in beauty, conformation and temperament.  Hailey is the puppy that we dream of and is incredible in how far she has come in her first six months of life.  She is gentle, attentive, and always eager to train. Her calm and personable demeanor would be great for therapy, as she is very comforting and loves everyone she meets (animals and people). Hailey naturally looks to her people for direction and will politely sit and wait for her next cue.  She enjoys being off leash, on the grass and being around people in general. She always comes when called.  Hailey is a quick learner and always aims to please.  She is sweet, caring, and is a real charmer. Hailey is also a full clear for PRA 1 and 2, Ichthiosis, Degenerative mylopathy and other common Golden Retriever issues associated with the breed. She is available for $12,500. This includes her 12 weeks of training.

Training Update (12/14/18):

She is working on her recall, going to her PLACE, and other training games  (nurturing her retrieving instinct/ practicing trading items). She is beginning to walk on leash and has even done well passing the property cat (with encouragement and praise for such a challenging distraction).  Hailey is crate trained, sleeps through the night and is potty trained as well as currently mastering potty bells. Mastered commands: SIT, DOWN, PLACE, COME, STAY, SHAKE, TURN, LEASH WALKING, ETC.

Training Update (1/16/19)

Hailey is always looking for direction and wants to please her handler. Taking her to a couple of stores and being exposed to new environment/situations is going very well. For her first couple of field trips, I am only asking her to SIT and TOUCH with a keen focus on rewarding her for looking at and going through “scary” situations (automatic sliding doors, shopping carts, etc.). She can be cautious when unsure of something at first sight, but is not showing fear and recovers nicely/quickly with a treat through positive association; cuing her to continue walking with “LET’S GO” is a great way to regain her attention and momentum. At this point she is allowed to briefly sniff and explore her way through the store. Hailey is excellent on the leash and never pulls, always waiting for cues from her walker.

Hailey loves people, though does not solicit attention from those we walk past (very good impulse control); she does accept greetings and pets very appropriately and then redirects her attention on me to continue working. Hailey is intrinsically set for becoming a service and/or therapy companion. She is a true pleaser.  She has mastered all obedience commands and is fully crate and potty trained.  Hailey is available to be trained to be certified for service of many types for anyone needing that type of dog.  As a pet, Hailey will be everything you could ever want in a furry companion.

Hailey has found her home.  Thank you for viewing her page.
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