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6 Months


Harleigh is a fantastic pup with a great personality! She has been a go-getter from the beginning, and loves her people and many snuggles. Since she was a young pup she loved spending time in someone's arms or lap, but she comes with a little pep so she loves her playtime too!


Harleigh displays strong responsiveness and focus. She caught on quickly when introducing new commands and is very food motivated. Harleigh has a verbal Sit and a verbal Down. She is working on greeting politely and perfecting her leash walking. Harleigh will hold her Down stay in a store even when walking out of sight around another table. She comes when called in a store setting regardless of other people walking around. Harleigh's duration on Place is very strong for her age. She easily does her basic commands: Look, Touch, Sit, Down, Place, Heel, etc… in any environment.  The sky is the limit for this sharp pup and she will easily brighten up your life!   

Harleigh is looking for her new home and forever family that will provide play time, but also plenty of loves and snuggles.  She is a confident puppy, that also likes to think before jumping right into a new situation, and prefers to have her family next to her!

Harliegh is now ready for her forever home, and is accepting visitors.  Please contact us at 


Harleigh's Mother

Harleigh's Father

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