Heidi (DOB: 2/22/18) is the daughter of Florin and Hit and is endearing, intelligent, and makes friends with everyone she meets: adults, children, other dogs, cats, etc. She is incredibly patient and lively with the smaller puppies she often plays with, making her a great role model and nanny dog. Mellow and house-trained, she will follow you everywhere you go, looking for affection and direction. Since she is so people-oriented, Heidi would be fantastic for therapy work and seems to have an affinity towards children. Though naturally very calm, Heidi is always ready for an adventure and loves to go for walks, hikes, visit the park, and truly enjoys playing with other dogs. She would love a large yard/property to explore, as she tends to gather her toys (prized possessions) and is very entertained by watching birds and squirrels go by.  During down time, she will even choose to sleep outside where she can sunbathe or relax in the fresh air.

Heidi's price includes her extensive training: $8500.00

Heidi has such a solid, social temperament. She will easily get along with other dogs, young puppies, cats, horses, and is especially good with children. It is rare to find such a naturally tolerant and gentle "nanny dog" to not only play appropriately, but also to be a confident, well-mannered model for good behavior (especially when it comes to appropriate behavior inside the house). Heidi loves to follow you around the house and is fantastic company; she definitely bonds closely to her people. I also appreciate her reliable bark to notify me that she needs to go outside to potty.

Heidi is such a social butterfly, she loves to go for walks, visit parks, play with other dogs, and spend time chasing the ball or learning new tricks and behaviors. She loves to carry items in her mouth, displaying fun and natural retrieving instincts. Heidi has learned to put this skill into good use with GET YOUR LEASH; this is as entertaining as it is useful, whenever I may drop the leash I can ask her to put it back into my hand. Highly food and play motivated, Heidi is a quick learner and a fun training companion.

Here's a short video of Heidi during a training session.