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Teagan (DOB: 11/6/18), the daughter of Mika and Barnaby, is an incredibly beautiful girl with exceptional conformation to the English type standard.  She is truly a happy and charming lass.  Teagan is always happy, exuberant, and ready to play.  She loves to run big, wide circles across the grass as she bounds her way back to me when called.  Confident, active, and social.  She is one of the more independent puppies of the litter. She is a fast little busy-body and will happily venture off to explore and run back and forth to you for attention displaying her ingrained gravitation towards people. Playful and enthusiastic, she will love a life of adventure and would do great in any active household.  She adores children and naturally gravitates toward them.

Teagan is so enthusiastic, she will still sometimes need a reminder to keep all four paws on the ground when arriving from a recall or while accepting a treat. We are also working especially on puppy impulse control with her PLACE, as she is eager to jump up and/or "busy body" around my feet for a treat/attention. When held or brushed she calms nicely and is very sweet during down time, though she is definitely higher energy than her siblings.  She would do great with agility or active exercise like hiking.  She will be crate and potty trained before leaving for her new home.

Teagan is a very happy and active puppy who will enthusiastically greet everyone she sees. She still loves to bound along the grass in wide circles and come back for a treat, although now that she has gotten even more confident, training on a long leash is beneficial when she gets distracted. Providing a faster paced training session and allow time to burn out some extra puppy energy is best to keep her excited and engaged. When inside, it is easier to focus, and Teagan is eager to please and will run to her PLACE or offer a nice SIT; she is eager to please and food/toy motivated. She loves to be pet and cuddled, relishing in any attention you give her; she wants to follow so much that we are working the most on STAY and holding still.

Teagan's Cues:
TOUCH, SIT, DOWN, COME, STAY, PLACE, OFF, WAIT, and LET'S GO (intro to the leash)


Teagan will be available with 13 weeks of training as of March, 23rd for $10,900.00

Please contact us for more information or to meet Teagan



after his 12 weeks of training

Luther (DOB:7/28/18) is also from Emma's first litter with Ace and we continue to be happy with the personalities we see with their pups.  Luther is a loving and caring puppy with a soft, yet confident and compassionate personality.  His attentiveness is quite exceptional for such a young puppy.  He is a mellow yet happy puppy who continues to engage with ease.  Luther has excelled in our training program and we would love to give him a chance to meet you, you won't be disappointed. 

Pet Price with three months of training $10,500.00 (Available 12/22/18)

Training Update: 12/14/18

Easy-going, goofy, and loves to cuddle, Luther is an endearing boy who wants to please and gravitates close to people. While training he will often offer his favorite learned behavior, SHAKE, or run to his PLACE and lay down to get his treat. He has a short spurt of energy, then is usually quite mellow for the rest of the time we train together. Outside can be very exciting and distracting, but he is still doing well responding off leash, especially when incorporating a game of retrieve to keep him motivated. Luther also does well in the car when we visit the park to practice walking on leash and working with distractions (introducing LEAVE IT); he absolutely loves people and will

happily curl up to anyone who will give him attention. Like his brother, Jack, he is content sitting on the grass at the end of our visit to observe the traffic going by (people, squirrels, cars).



Hayley, born August 20th, 2018 to Vasilisa and Max is a happy and spunky soul.  She is an observant and attentive pup with plenty of kindness to go around.  She loves people and always has time and energy to play, while not being overly active.  She is a beautiful girl with excellent conformation to the breed standard with a blocky English head and stout body.  She is exceptionally bright and eager to learn.  Hayley will be available the week of December 15th-22nd.  

Words from the trainer about the first week of training:

With a naturally quiet demeanor, she tends to hang in the background until engaged.  Once engaged she is happy to play and interact with everyone.  She loves to follow and will wait patiently until she can climb onto a lap to claim a spot to perch or nap. She is gentle and calm in demeanor.  She likes a bit more time to asses new exposures and looks to humans for direction and support. This week she has really come out when out on the grass as her response time is excellent and has done very well with touch, sit, down and recall. Eye contact is excellent and response time is improving by the day.  We expect a wonderful dog to develop out of this very special puppy.

Here is a video of Hayley as she starts her training:

Please contact us for more information on Hayley and the chance to meet her.

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