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Lacey (DOB:11/11/18) is the daughter of the beautiful Sasha Sunshine and the loving Oliver.  She is observant, curious, people-oriented, and independent at times. She normally sleeps apart from her siblings or self entertains herself with toys.  She loves to play and venture off to explore, but always gravitates back towards people.  Lacey shows a great balance of playful puppy energy and calm, personable interactions. She will often sit and wait for attention while the others may crowd or jump.  She would do great in any household (active, children, or mellow). She is excelling in training and is a real people pleaser.  Lacey is very attentive and calm, yet athletic and quick to respond. She loves to run out in the grass and come right back to offer a nice SIT. She is a fast learner and is already going to her PLACE, along with learning DOWN, TOUCH, COME, and STAY. Although quite confident, she will often still wait patiently towards the back of the group till she is next for training. She will be available on the dates listed below with the subsequent training.

Classic Training -February, 15th (with 5 weeks of training) - $5900.00

Lacey is a quick learner and always eager to please. While venturing outside, she enjoys staying close to me (as opposed to going too far out of range) in wait for me to call her so she can run to claim a reward. Lacey is a very calm and people-oriented puppy that can also be very active and playful, synchronizing nicely to those around her. Play and food driven, she is doing great with training and proves to be an observant and attentive girl. 

So far Lacey is learning: TOUCH, SIT, DOWN, COME, PLACE, STAY, WAIT, OFF

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