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Lacey's Baby Book

English Golden Retriever


English Golden Retriever


Lacey & Zephyr Litter,  Born October 28, 2023

For those wanting a puppy at Christmas, we are offing these puppies to go home at 8 weeks instead of our normal 10-week age. This is Lacey's baby album featuring new pictures of her puppies as they grow. We'll include snapshots on this page of important milestones such as birth, opening their eyes, trying their first food, and other significant moments. Additionally, we have a few important dates listed below as reminders. Below the pictures, you'll find a description of their development and what we're doing during this period of their lives. Be sure to check back on this page for "pup-dates" and new pictures.

Lacey did well having 9 puppies with 4 boys and 5 girls.

UPDATE:  We are now offering a 10 week go-home time for Lacey's litter.  That means you can bring your puppy home after your holiday decorations are put away or you are back from traveling and have the time to be with your new puppy.

First Visit Chance & Payment Due

December 1st & 2nd: Litter visit and payment.* Reserve an appointment  (click)
December 15th, 16th  and 17th, 18th Santa Buddies Experience: (time booking link to come) 
December 22, 23, 24th: Go-Home for  Pups (based on waitlist position). We will contact you with your pick-up day and times. Please leave these days open.
Delivery may be available (you can inquire for price for Santa/Elf Delivery)
Jan 7th: Training Payments Due**
Other Dates:  Crown Reserve puppy Go-Home dates will be scheduled individually based on the amount of training.
  *Full balance due for your puppy amount.
**Full balance due for Silver, Gold, or Diamond Crown Reserve training (puppy price is paid earlier)
(second payment only applies to those with 12-16 week puppy training) 

Resources for You:

*Click on the below resources for more information! 

1. First-day tips when bringing your puppy home (Click Here)

2.  Items we recommend - (Click Here)

3.  Feeding/Food Information- (Click Here)

4.  Training Information -  (Click Here)

5.  FAQ's - (Click Here)

Pup-Pics  Updated as of November 14:


5-6 Weeks Old

By the 6th week, golden retriever puppies are starting to show some significant changes. They are becoming more active, curious, and playful. Their little personalities are starting to shine through, and it's a joy to watch!

Physically, these adorable furballs are growing rapidly. At this stage, their eyes and ears are fully open, allowing them to experience the world around them in a whole new way. They are also starting to develop their coordination and balance, which means they'll be stumbling around less and exploring more confidently.

One of the most significant milestones during this period is the introduction of solid food. Up until 4 weeks, the puppies have been mostly dependent on their mother's milk. This involves gradually introducing them to puppy food, usually in the form of soft, moistened kibble. It's a messy affair, but oh-so-adorable to witness!

Socialization is also a crucial aspect of a their development during these weeks. Our puppies are introduced to various sounds, sights, and experiences to help them become well-rounded and confident dogs. They may be taken on short trips outside of their immediate surroundings to expose them to new environments and people. Additionally, they may start interacting with other dogs and animals, helping them learn vital social skills.

During this time, it's important for us to provide plenty of love, attention, and positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement training methods, such as reward-based training, can be introduced to start teaching basic commands and good behavior. Consistency and patience are key when it comes to training these intelligent and eager-to-please pups.

It's worth mentioning that every puppy develops at their own pace, so these milestones may vary slightly from one puppy to another. However, the 5-6th week is generally an exciting time full of growth and discovery for these adorable pups.

4 Weeks, First Food  

At 4 weeks of age, something truly magical happens in the world of Golden Retriever puppies. It's a time of incredible growth and discovery that fills our hearts with warmth and joy.

During this stage, these adorable balls of fur embark on an exciting journey of development. They start to find their little paws and gain newfound confidence in their movements, as they explore their surroundings with wide, curious eyes. It's as if they're on a quest to uncover every little secret that the world holds for them.

Their senses blossom during this time, as their eyes and ears open up to the wonders around them. This allows them to see and hear with more clarity, immersing themselves fully in the sights and sounds of their environment. The world becomes a vibrant tapestry of colors and melodies for these growing pups.


Socialization takes center stage during this period. They engage in playful interactions with their fellow siblings, learning invaluable lessons in communication, cooperation, and even the art of gentle playfulness. These early interactions lay the foundation for their future relationships, shaping them into well-rounded and sociable companions.

As they continue to grow, their palates become more adventurous. The introduction of solid food introduces them to the delightful flavors and textures that will nourish them in their journey towards adulthood. It's a time for messy faces, wagging tails, and the excitement of discovering new tastes.

The coordinated movements of these little fluff balls become evident at this stage. They start discovering the joy of romping around, chasing their own tails, and playing their version of "catch me if you can." This bursts of energy and cheerful frolicking bring smiles and laughter to anyone lucky enough to witness their adorable antics.

Each Golden Retriever puppy is a unique little soul, and while they may share some common milestones during this time, their individual personalities shine through. These precious moments of their early development are the building blocks that shape their future personalities, preparing them to become the loyal and loving companions we all adore.

I hope this warm and friendly description of what happens at 3-4 weeks for a Golden Retriever puppy has brought a smile to your face. If you have any more questions or need further information, I'm here to assist you with a wagging virtual tail!

Three Weeks

At three weeks of age, a Golden Retriever puppy undergoes significant developmental changes that contribute to their growth and overall well-being. During this stage, the puppy is transitioning from the neonatal period to the socialization phase, where they begin to explore their surroundings and interact with their littermates and mother. 

Physically, the puppy's senses continue to develop, allowing them to become more aware of their environment. Their eyes begin to open, although their vision is still limited, and their ears start to become more receptive to sounds. This newfound sensory perception enables the puppy to start recognizing familiar voices and the presence of their littermates.

At this stage, the puppy's motor skills are also developing rapidly. They start attempting to stand on wobbly legs and take their first unsteady steps. These early attempts at mobility are crucial for building muscle strength and coordination, preparing them for more complex movements in the future.

Cognitively, the puppy's brain is rapidly developing, and they start to exhibit more curiosity and exploration. They become increasingly interested in their surroundings and show a growing awareness of their littermates and mother. This period is vital for the puppy's social development, as they learn important communication and socialization skills through play and interaction with their siblings.

Additionally, the puppy's teeth begin to emerge, and they may start mouthing and exploring objects with their mouth. It is essential to provide appropriate chew toys and objects to redirect their natural inclination to chew, ensuring they do not harm themselves or damage valuable items.

At three weeks, the puppy's nutritional needs are still primarily met through nursing from their mother. However, they may start showing interest in solid food, and introducing a soft, puppy-specific diet can be initiated under the guidance of a veterinarian.

Overall, the third week of a Golden Retriever puppy's life marks a crucial stage in their development. Their sensory perception, motor skills, cognitive abilities, and socialization experiences all contribute to their growth and lay the foundation for their future well-being.

Two Weeks


At just 14 days old, Golden Retriever puppies are a heartwarming sight to behold. They are tiny, delicate bundles of soft fur, no bigger than a small loaf of bread. Their eyes, which have just recently opened, are curious yet sleepy, taking in the world around them in gentle blinks. Though they're still mostly reliant on their mother for warmth and nourishment, they're beginning to showcase the first glimpses of their unique personalities.


Their movements, albeit wobbly, are endearingly earnest as they attempt to navigate their immediate surroundings. You might catch them trying to take their first hesitant steps, often tumbling over their own tiny paws. Their soft whimpers and yawns, harmonized with the comforting scent of puppy breath, are enchanting.


Their coat, a plush layer of downy softness, is a tactile delight, and their tiny tails might just wiggle with the beginnings of joyful recognition. Each day brings with it newfound strength and curiosity, and it's simply magical to witness these little creatures grow and thrive. 


To hold one is to feel an immediate bond, a connection that is as ancient as time, reminding us of the simple joys of life and the wonders of nature. At this stage, every day is a milestone, every movement a celebration. These two-week-old Golden Retriever puppies embody the pure essence of life, love, and potential.

First Week:

During the first week of a golden retriever puppy's life, significant development and growth occur. Here is a breakdown of the key milestones and changes that take place:


During the first week of a golden retriever puppy's life, there are several heartwarming developments to look forward to:


- Birth: The miracle of life begins as a litter of adorable golden retriever puppies enters the world, bringing joy and excitement to all who witness it.


- Growing senses: While the puppies are initially born blind and deaf, their senses gradually start to awaken. By the end of the first week, their tiny eyelids begin to open, revealing the first glimpses of their beautiful surroundings.


- Nurturing nourishment: These precious puppies rely solely on their devoted mother for nourishment, eagerly nursing to satisfy their growing appetites. Their weight increases steadily, ensuring they are healthy and thriving.


- Tender movements: Although their motor skills are still developing, the puppies wiggle and crawl around with adorable clumsiness. Every little movement is a testament to their determination and budding coordination.


- Family bonding: The first week is a time of profound bonding between the puppies, their caring mother, and their littermates. They snuggle together, creating a warm and loving environment that fosters their emotional well-being.


- Sweet slumber: Sleep is an essential part of their early development, and these tiny bundles of fluff spend a significant amount of time in peaceful slumber. Their dreams are filled with the promise of a bright future.


- Cozy comfort: As the puppies are still unable to regulate their body temperature effectively, they rely on the warmth of their mother and the cozy nest to keep them comfortable and content.


Each golden retriever puppy's journey is unique, but these heartwarming milestones typically occur during their first week. As time goes on, they will continue to grow, explore their senses, and fill your life with immeasurable love and joy.

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