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The daughter of Vasilisa and Max born August 20th, Mackensie is a sweet and lovably soft girl that enjoys being around people while being playful and calm.  Mackensie is a beautiful representation of the breed and she loves playing with toys and will eagerly engage you in play.  She also loves a good lap to curl up in and enjoys cuddling with everyone.  She is very calm and relaxed and will be wonderful in a less active household while still enjoying play time.  Kensie will be available for her new home the week of December 15th-22nd.  Kenzie's price includes eight weeks of training at $9500.00


Words from the trainer on her first week: 

With a naturally quiet demeanor, while inside, she tends to hang in the background while the more forward siblings push through to greet visitors. She is a happy greeter with tail always waging with such incredible manners for a nine week old puppy.  She likes to follow and will even playfully chase (while outside on the grass) after she warms up to her surroundings. She gives very good eye contact and is noticeably observant. She also enjoys placing herself on your lap and will stay their until you move her. Very personable and sweet. She is gentle and calm.  It does take a little bit more time to asses new exposures and she will look to humans for direction and support.  She is incredibly loving and loves to be loved.

Here is a video of Mackensie beginning her training:

If you are interested in more information or to meet Mackensie, please let us know.

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