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Maggie (DOB: 11/6/18) is the daughter of our wonderful Mika and the soon-to-be illustrious Barnaby.  We are incredibly pleased with all the puppies in this litter, but Maggie is as sweet as they come even in comparison.  She is a true charmer that has a bubbly and gentle personality.  Social, and happy-go-lucky, she is always eager to visit for attention and loves to lay on your lap or be held. Very cuddly and is one of the more polite pups, as she will sit and wait for attention when the larger siblings push and crowd.  She is expressive and lively when she plays and shows a very good balance of personable and playful.

Maggie is very enthusiastic while training. She is bouncy and playful, loving everyone who she meets.  She loves to follow and does great with recall, as she will stay right with you most of the time spent on the grass. Extremely food motivated, she is easy to lure and is learning quickly: SIT, TOUCH, DOWN, COME, STAY, PLACE, LEAVE IT, ETC.. Maggie will be crate trained and potty trained before going to her new home.

Including her 7 weeks of training, ready March, 2nd  her price is $7500.00

Maggie has a very happy and exuberant demeanor that shines when she meets new people; she exudes a gentle/calming energy when pet and held. Always ready to please, Maggie is enthusiastic during training and will confidently run across the grass practicing off leash recall and is beginning to go to her PLACE for a reward. She is just starting to show particular interest in retrieving toys and is learning to go to her designated bed/mat to trade nicely for a treat. 

So far in Maggie's training, she will respond to verbal cues with hand targets: 

Maggie is learning:

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