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Paisley( DOB:9/27/18) is the daughter of Florin and Oliver and we are happy to see her becoming the wonderful pup we expect from her parents.  She is active and amiable, yet also quite laid-back while being held or interacting with her one on one. She is typically found playing with her siblings or running around the playroom enthusiastically with toys, hoping someone will join in. Paisley tends to show a lot of spunky energy for short spurts of time, then be the first to wind down for a nap. During down time, she is amiable and very willing to be snuggled without qualm. She definitely enjoys cuddling and being close to people in general. Engaging, affectionate, and social; this girl exhibits a wonderful and carefree spirit.  She is going through her training and will be ready to go home, after either one or two months of training, on December 22nd or January 21st. Paisley will be crate trained and potty trained alongside all of the foundations in learning training.

Her price includes either four weeks of training at $7000.00 (available 12/22) or

with eight weeks of training at $9500.00 (available 1/21) 

Training Update (12/14/18):

Active and playful, Paisley is a very happy puppy that is always eager to train. She is excelling at SIT, TOUCH, go to her PLACE (very first exposure), and retrieve her toys. She is both food and toy motivated, though when really excited, she will often drop her treats as she runs to find something else to do (or venture confidently out on the grass). We are keeping our training sessions upbeat and fast paced to keep her motivated as well as incorporate play to exercise both mind and body. Paisley settles nicely when held or pet and is very calm/cuddly during down time. She will be wonderful in any type of home environment.

Mastered Commands: SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, COME, PLACE.

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