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Hudson, at almost six months of age (DOB: 6/18/19), is an outstanding representation of the Golden Retriever breed.  He is outgoing and inquisitive as well as incredibly handsome with a boxy head yet lovely gentle expression, just like his father was at his age.  Being the son of Sasha and Max, it comes as no surprise that he is playful, easy-going, and a good hearted boy. He is social and enjoys being held or spending time with people or other dogs. We appreciate his attentiveness as well as his confidence. He seems to sense people very well and he will always make his way over to solicit love and attention. When exploring new environments, he looks to people for encouragement/direction, displaying his more "analytical" side. This is a wonderful attribute for learning as well.  He also likes to follow his siblings around and can be quite goofy, when engaging in play.  He displays a nice, personable mellowness paired with a playful, carefree temperament.  He adores people, especially children and is very patient with all the dogs or other animals he meets.  He is excelling in our program and we expect a lot from this handsome big boy!​  He is already picking up cues quickly and we feel he has truly excelled in our program.  Hudson has excellent eye contact and focus.  He is picking up on the clicker and very responsive.  He has mastered sit and lures to a down and is eager to come when called.  He walks on harness and leash with manners, loves to play fetch and his favorite place to be is cuddled in your lap.  Hudson is best friend's with his sister, Maddie and they love to cuddle with each other.  He has excellent therapy and service qualities, truly a very special boy!

Trainer's Update:

Hudson is a very gentle and playful puppy. He loves to be with people and cuddling is his favorite pastime.  He is showing to be quite the retriever and is learning some skills to refine it such as: GET IT and BRING IT HERE. He is also great about trading the toy nicely for a treat; he will politely give you his toy when asked GIVE and is able to DROP IT when offered a reward in exchange. Hudson has learned that going to his PLACE pays with praise, where he is practicing "puppy impulse control" by going to a designated mat and laying down for a reward. He is also learning how to maintain a DOWN position for incrementally longer periods of time. 
Hudson is walking on leash perfectly. He has been very confident while investigating alongside other people or dogs. Hudson is such a sweet soul, he truly gets along with everyone he meets, providing a soft and amiable energy to the crowd.  Hudson will thrive in any type of home and environment given.  He is potty trained and crate trained with excellent house manners.



Hudson is available to a guardian home (please see information on Guardian homes in link above) for $5000.00 or as full ownership at $12,000.00. For more information of our guardian program: Click Here

Please contact us for more information or for a chance to meet Mr. Hudson.

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