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Graduated & Reserved

Remington, or Remi for short, is a wonderful and charming boy.  ​​Born of Fifa and Ace on January 12th 2018, he really is a shining example of the calm and loving temperament that his breed is known for.   He loves people and is always willing to be alongside others.  He will go through ten weeks of training including the full training schedule in basic obedience, socialization with people and animals, training with distractions, house manners, crate training and potty training with our professional trainers and our staff. Already, he is doing well and plays fetch like a professional.  He has found his new home.  His fee was $8500.00

Words from the trainer:

"Remington is always a gentleman. He is so polite every time we interact and simply wants to be at your feet and ask,what he can do for you. He reminds me of Ace (his wonderful father) a lot of the time, especially when he plays ball or leans in when you pet his side or brush him. Remi is amazingly responsive out in the grass and off leash. He is food motivated and eager to please which makes the best training partner. He loves to offer his paw and SHAKE with a small target. We are working on verbal DOWN and perfecting PLACE.  Remi is also doing well on leash and is a confident, mellow boy. He is the most attentive/observant puppy as he will sit and watch the horses, cars go by on the road, birds in the sky, etc. for a long time. He responds well to his name, is night time crate trained, uses the dog door and potty box 100% of the time."


Learned Commands: SIT, DOWN (hand target), COME, TOUCH, PLACE, STAY, SHAKE, WAIT, OFF, LET'S GO, GET IT, BRING IT HERE, GIVE, DROP IT and many others.

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