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Born 11/12/18, Riley is the charming son of our wonderful and kind Sasha Sunshine and Oliver.  Riley likes to be cozy and burrow or be under his puppy bed.  He will be one of the first greeters, visiting by climbing into people's lap or squeezing himself around others however he can.  He loves to snuggle and be interacted with and would enjoy an environment that has love to spare.  Riley tends to be beautifully mellow, yet is still very playful. He loves to explore and follow you around and would do great in any household (active, children, or mellow). 

With his weeks of training he is showing that he loves to follow directions and is a true people pleaser.  He is available on the dates listed below with the following training completed. 

Classic Training - Ready February 23, (with 6 weeks of training) - $6900.00

Riley is focused, engaging, and quite mature for his young age. He is very food motivated and also strives to please, making a great training companion. Attentive and personable, he naturally follows people and is responding very quickly to his recall, commands, and intro to leash walking. 

So far Riley is learning: 

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