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Graduated & Reserved

(DOB:2/26/18) Our kind boy Ripley is from our Florin and Hit litter and has the temperament we have come to expect from this amazing breed.  Ripley is a fun, energetic and lovable pup that always has love for anyone he meets.  He is an extrovert and beams with kind confidence and a demeanor that is hard to ignore.  Ripley is a solid boy with a beautiful full head and muzzle and fluffy, soft cream coat. He could be a grand fit for a good number of families.  His personable and bold nature makes him a fun pup to be with in either exploration or rest.  Ripley is house trained and crate trained as well as inside manners upon leaving for his new home. If you are interested in genetics, you will be glad to know that Ripley is clear for all ailments that Goldens are known for including PRA 1 & 2, Ichthyosis, Degenerative myelopathy, and thyroid disease.  His conformation to the breed standard is also spectacular.  Ripley is also certified as a STAR PUPPY Canine Good Citizen.

Ripley went to his new home in July for $9500.  

Update from the trainer:

  • Ripley is a happy-go-lucky puppy that shows a very nice balance of playful energy and mellow attentiveness that allows for great training. He loves being close to people and is very enthusiastic during training sessions, especially when it comes to food. He aims to please and will naturally follow you offering new behaviors he has been taught (such as DOWN, or going to his PLACE). 

  • So far, he responds to verbal commands: SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, COME, STAY, PLACE

  • Learning and newly exposed to: WAIT, OFF, SHAKE, walking well on leash/harness, exposure in vehicle, horses/cat/dogs.

  • Ripley is confident and observant. He enjoys watching the horses next door and even notices birds in the sky. He also loves water and had a great time playing in the sprinklers after his first exposure to them. Going to his PLACE (a blanket or bed) is a favorite training game, where he will offer a DOWN and wait until he is rewarded. At his young age, he even shows interest in retrieving toys or a ball for easy-going play and will bring them back to his PLACE eagerly.  

  • He is responding well to wearing a front clip harness and is doing well on leash walking. Ripley also enjoys carrying a soft toy in his mouth while he walks on leash, keeping him occupied on the item rather than mouthing the leash or rolling on the ground. 

Contact us for a chance to know more or meet Ripley.

Here is one of Ripley's training sessions

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