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Sadie, daughter of Malina and Barnaby (DOB: 1/17/19) is personable, happy, and amiable. She is quite social and loves to be the center of attention, always one of the first to greet. She is very confident and loves to play in the tunnel or in the ball pit. Sadie also shows a nice, mellow, cuddly side and will contently sit on your lap or in your arms. She plays nicely with her siblings and has a nice and balanced temperament that we think will mesh well with any.  She has learned so much over the last few months and has become crate trained and potty trained.  She has excellent house manners and has excelled in her training.  She has sit, down, stay, come, place, wait and off down pat.  She is also a wonderful walker on leash and greets others with polite manners at parks and local outings.  Now that she is four months old she is ready to find her new home.

Susan's Update:  

Sadie is a fun-loving and alert dog. She has an independent spirit, allowing her to explore and be content when she cannot be with her humans. She has good stamina for an active family as she enjoys walks, hikes, and splashing in the water. She would make a good sporting dog in agility or fly ball or just a game of catch in the yard, with her strong ball drive. On her quiet side, she melts when she is pet and is thrilled to receive belly rubs. She is quiet and settles quickly in the car. When receiving treats, she will take them gently from hands and allows toys and bones to be taken from her. She is great with kids.

Sadie rides quietly in the car and has not gotten sick, even on the windiest of roads. She enjoys the company of other dogs and is very respectful.

She has had a lot of experiences for her young age, going for hikes, car rides, 4th of July celebrations, swims, and to restaurants/libraries/farmer’s markets, etc. She like to be on- the-go and has matured considerably during her outings. Sadie will be an amazing family companion.

Carrie's Update:

Sadie is a fun, playful girl who is a sweet mixture of soft and endearing, yet still active and outgoing. She is at the age where most of her training is focusing on venturing out in the real world with field trips and living off property for added exposures and experiences. Sadie rides very well in the car and in the home she is quiet and quite calm, though does get excited during food time or when playing with other puppies. She is doing well at learning to WAIT before being released to eat her meal. She is not normally one to jump up, but if she does when excited (if she explores a new surface or happens to jump up on you) she is responding to OFF. She is a gentle girl that can get overwhelmed with too many dogs or loud, unfamiliar sounds; she would do well with an older dog that could be a good role model or as a single dog, as she enjoys people more than dogs for company. Sadie loves her toys and will definitely parade them or bark at other puppies to get them away, but I can always remove the item from her, as she will easily give to people. She also will easily give up toys to older dogs that are confident and can appropriately put her in her place if needed. Sadie is observant and very aware of her surroundings and will synchronize with your energy very well. She can get distracted as she is becoming a teenager, but making the training session fun and upbeat (perhaps incorporating both toys and food rewards) will help to keep her engaged and willing to work. Sadie can be independent and is usually more engaged after she has time to warm up and explore to get some of her curiosities fulfilled, or get some puppy energy out. 

Training Cues:
SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, COME, STAY, WAIT, OFF, LET'S GO, LEAVE IT, GIVE/DROP IT, (go to your) PLACE (target to down and will stay for about 10 steps), Name

She is available to go home now with her 8 weeks of training for $6900.

Please contact us for more information and to meet this wonderful girl.

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