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Sawyer (DOB: 11/6/18), the son of our Mika and Barnaby, was the only male in his litter.  He is a strong and compassionate boy that is a lovable pup.  He has his father's bold and blocky head  with a wonderful conformation to the breed standard.  He is sure to grow into quite a handsome dog.  He is mellow, attentive, personable, he loves to be close with people and other puppies. He shows his analytical side when he calmly sits and assesses new situations/environments, before warming up quickly with some encouragement/direction from people.

Observant and sensitive towards people, he shows great therapy dog traits. Many times he has preferred being underfoot, or on a lap, than to explore on his own.  He is very attentive and loves to share his love with all around.  He is progressing through training very quickly and is definitely quite the "star" of the program at the moment. He has been crate and potty trained with great success.  Sawyer will be an incredible companion even doing therapy for adults/children, etc.  Sawyer is a quick learner and strives to please. He will look to people for direction and often offers his favorite default behaviors such as DOWN or ROLL for attention. He is excelling in his training and will already run to his designated PLACE and automatically lay in wait for his next cue for an impressive amount of time/distance for his age. He is learning how to walk on a leash and has noticed the horses, cats, and other dogs with proper curiosity. Sawyer is also easy to encourage to place his front feet up on a car in wait for a boost up for additional vehicle exposure. He is a nice mellow boy that can be playful as well as very cuddly; he loves to give kisses and bury his head in your lap.

Sawyer's Cues:
TOUCH, SIT, DOWN, COME, STAY, PLACE, OFF, WAIT, and LET'S GO (intro to the leash), VISIT, LAP

Sawyer's price includes his 12+ weeks of training:  Available now for $9900.00

Please contact us for more information or to meet Sawyer
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