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Scarlett O'Hara of

Classic Heritage

Graduated & Reserved

Scarlett, born of our own Malina and Ace on September 20th 2017, is a beautiful and delightful pup.  Scarlett has been selected for the Crowned Reserve program for her excellent temperament as well as her conformation. Scarlett is house and crate trained as well as she has lovely house manners. She is quite the charmer and an engaging puppy in all that she does.  Scarlett thrives on soft moments with her loved ones, but also loves to have time to expend her energy and puppy thrills.  Her temperament is well rounded in that she can be playful and lively, however, she also calms down and mellows when she is by your side.  When outside or in new environments, she is courageous, explorative, and does not become timid easily.  We are very pleased with her personality and how well she has been socialized. Her graduation will take place the 9th of February and she was ready for her home on February 10th.  Scarlett's price reflects her extensive amount of training, conformation, temperament and health at $9,500.00

Here is a video of Scarlett's training

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