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Skye of Classic Heritage

Graduated & Reserved

(DOB:2/27/18) Our wonderful and beautiful Skye is from our Florin and the fine stud Hit.  She has great conformation to the breed standard, is very sweet and smart to boot.  Skye is a wonderful girl and loves to be around people and show her love to others.  She is a fast learner and is very attentive to the needs of those around her but also loves to explore.  If given the choice, she will choose to stay close to her people enjoy their company.  She has undergoing her training and went home .  Skye's price was $7000 including her training. 


Progress Report from the trainer:

Skye is very food motivated and a fast learner. She has been taught to respond to YES as her marker word while learning new commands. Skye loves to be close to people and roll herself over for a belly rub. She is very comfortable being held on her back, touching her feet, tail, and being hugged. She is calm while being pet, but also shows her happy playful side while out on the grass exploring the leaves, horses, cat, butterflies, etc. She loves to follow people on the grass and enjoys playing recall games. During training, her favorite command to practice is PLACE, where she will run as fast as she can to her mat and lay down eagerly for a treat. Skye is also a very observant puppy; she makes great eye contact, watches the horses/cars curiously, and overall is an eager to please pup with a nice amiable/expressive temperament. 


Learned commands: SIT, TOUCH, COME, PLACE


Learning/Exposure: DOWN, STAY, WAIT, LEAVE IT training inside/outside and exposure to cars, wearing front-clip harness.  ​

Here's a short video of Julie during her training.

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