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"Gold Rush of Classic Heritage"


Sutter DOB:7/28/18 is the sweet and bright daughter of our Emma and Ace.  The quiet yet expressive one of the litter. Very sweet, quiet, and polite when greeting compared to her bigger and more energetic brothers. She will hang back and wait for you to come to her or she will choose to sleep separately and can be a little more independent. She enjoys time on her own, but she loves to come out of her shell while being with others and new people alike. She loves to spend time on your lap and would rather follow close to people, than venture too far. After a few times outside she has really learned to open up more too.  She may benefit from a slower pace environment that will shower her with love. Sutter will be crate and potty trained before going to her new home. Her price, alongside her training, is $10,500. She will be ready to go home December 1st

Update from our Trainer: First two weeks

"Although she can be a bit quiet in new situations/small indoor spaces, she is much more expressive and confident out on the grass. She will enthusiastically run around in a wide circle and always comes back to check in for a treat. Sutter has an incredibly sweet and personable demeanor that is great for keeping her close by and easy to recall even with distractions. She will offer SIT and is easy to lure into DOWN and PLACE. When asked for a SIT, she will sometimes slink/crawl, so I encourage her with a treat to lure her head and upper body up (in that SIT position) to instill confidence. She is improving her confidence every day.  Sutter is gaining more confidence and blossoming with each new exposure and training session. Sutter is incredibly smart and beautiful and full of love and life!

Learning Commands: SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, COME, Name"

If you are interested in more information or to meet Sutter, please let us know.

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