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Testimonial Page

 Here are a Few of Our Puppy Parents

"I would like to introduce myself.  I am Matthew “Uncle Matty” Margolis, a professional dog trainer.  I’ve been in business for more than 50 years, and have authored 19 books on behavior and dog training. .. Please feel free to visit my website: 


My wife and I have had the pleasure of visiting Classic Heritage on numerous occasions, at various times of day, and eventually purchasing a wonderful English Cream Golden Retriever puppy.  I owned a dog training kennel myself in Los Angeles for 20 years, and have visited many kennels and breeders in the Sacramento area for clients.  Classic Heritage is one of the most well-run breeders I have had personal experience with.


Upon our first visit to meet some of the dogs and the owners of Classic Heritage, my wife and I were very impressed at the friendliness, cleanliness, and professionalism.  There were several adult dogs who greeted us, and they were all so friendly and loving.  My wife visited the kennel several weeks in a row and expressed to me that there were people there on a daily basis, who clean the kennels, socialize with the puppies, and provide training as well.


In my professional opinion, Classic Heritage is a top rate kennel, that I have recommended to several of my clients, and have the upmost respect for their hard work in providing such a service.  There are many many breeders, who would not meet this standard."

~ Matthew "Uncle Matty" Margolis

Commercial on ABC TV network that features his dog from Classic Heritage


"Molly is a bundle of charm, energy, and fur.  She loves meeting new people, probably because of the adoration she receives.  Molly is very social with both people and dogs, always ready to be petted by the former and played with by the latter.  The first time we took her to the vet, he said, “That is one confident puppy.”  She is also sweet, gentle, and mellow – when she’s not in overdrive!  Our little retriever’s favorite toy is a stuffed duck, but she has not yet grasped the concept of actually retrieving a ball.  Better to give chase.  Overall, she is a happy, lovable puppy who has deeply enriched our lives."

~ Cindy & Tony Giorgio



DOB:  11/8/20

Parents:  Finley & Oliver

Owners:  Cindy & Tony Giorgio

Location:  Redlands, CA


"Fido  is doing quite well and behaving like a perfectly normal four-month-old. The transition from CHGR to our home was seamless.  There was no anxiety and Fido was happy to know he was in his new home.  We have never "crated" our dogs in the past, but it clearly is a comfort zone for Fido.  We put him down at 9:00 p.m. to give us an hour to unwind after his normally active and playful evenings and he sleeps through the night..  We laughed last night when Fido put himself to bed a little before 9:00 p.m. (...)

Fido is fully potty trained and sits at the back door and gives us a single bark if we do not notice he wants out. (...) 

Fido loves meeting new people and especially the neighborhood children.  He is a social butterfly and loves all the attention he gets.

The only frustration Fido has had is that he doesn't fit into some spaces that he did a month ago since he is growing so fast (under the coffee table, between chairs in the kitchen).  That will be something he will have to deal with for many months to come until he is full grown.


Fido is a great addition to our family and we are hopeful that he will become a Shriners Children's Hospital Therapy Dog when he matures."

 ~  The Reece Family

"We are so happy with Finley and she has been the best new addition to our family. She is such a good girl... She’s living up to the temperament description we got of being first observant and then being very warm and welcoming. She’s confident and intelligent; we can now sit, come and we are working on down. She’s the biggest cuddle bug, but also likes playing with her toys by herself sometimes, too. 

We appreciate you following up with us. We get so many comments from people when carrying her around that she’s the cutest puppy they’ve ever seen, and so calm for her age. Attached are some cute, recent pictures of her. 


Thank you for a great experience. You and Heather were wonderful, and we tell everyone we meet about where Finley came from."

Update: "She has been such an amazing addition, we constantly get people asking where she came from and we're always happy to tell them Classic Heritage


~ Jeffrey Churchman

"Winston has been to the vet and everyone there thinks he is the cutest puppy they have ever seen.  The vet is very pleased at how healthy he is and says he is just perfect.  We definitely agree.  

Vasi and Ari had beautiful puppies and we are so happy we get to raise one.  Winston makes us laugh and smile daily.  He is such a happy go lucky puppy."

"Winston makes us laugh and smile daily.  He is such a happy go lucky puppy.  I have attached a couple of pictures of him too.

Our experience with Classic Heritage was amazing.  We tell everyone what a great experience we had.  We would love to have more puppies If only we had a bigger yard!"


                                                               ~ Annie Newlin

"... He is smart, handsome, charming, well-formed and we love him completely.

I cannot say enough about the people and dogs at Classic Heritage. Everyone I met was equally professional, educated, loving, kind, and a lot of fun. All of the dogs are beautiful and happy. It is this huge family of professionals and dogs all working together in gorgeous surroundings to create these wonderful little puppies that we can take home to love with the confidence of knowing we have healthy, happy companions. We know you will be there for questions and I know without a doubt that you care about every dog you send out into the world.

Thank you for my wonderful puppy."


   ~ Micheline Ferguson

"...I was specifically looking for a Golden Retriever puppy from European lines because so many American breeders have overbred the Golden Retriever line, causing many genetic issues.

Heather Chapin replied to my email and I had to fill out an application, so she could ensure I would be an acceptable owner for a puppy from one of her upcoming litters. She also told me about an upcoming open house I could attend to see some of her dogs and the location. Little did she know that my attendance at her open house was also her chance to pass my own test – I was not going to deal with a breeder who I did not feel was a good breeder, interested in the health and well-being of her dogs and puppies.

She passed my test. I was very impressed with the care her dogs and puppies received. I was impressed with the facilities she maintains for the dogs. I was impressed with how friendly and behaved her dogs were. My wife and I took our puppy home in October 2017. During those three months, we made many visits to Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers. On each visit, we were impressed with the facilities and the Golden Retrievers. Fast forward to last month when we decided we were ready to get a second puppy. I was still impressed with the facilities she maintains for her Golden Retrievers and how she and her staff care for her Golden Retrievers... Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers is an asset to the region. We have purchased two healthy Golden Retriever puppies from Heather Chapin. Many others have done the same. If only all breeders ran as professional an operation as Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers, all dogs would be healthier and better off." 


~ Tom Sweeney

"Hudson is doing great.  He is a bundle of energy!  He has adapted quickly to his new home and is a happy pup.

We had our first visit with our vet yesterday.  He was a calm sweet boy throughout examination and microchipping.  All checked out well with his health and we will be returning next week for his second vaccination.  Hudson is growing fast weighing in yesterday at 23lbs. 


My experience with Classic Heritage has been extremely positive.  The care and love you, Heather and all at Classic Heritage devout to these pups is remarkable.  The efforts taken to ensure pups are matched with their new happy forever home are excellent."   


                                                                   ~ Elizabeth Porterfield

                                                                      San Ramon, California

"Having lost my 3rd Golden Retriever to age and health issues this January 2019, I was deeply saddened and began to research who had the BEST of the BEST Golden’s raised in the healthiest conditions.

Where would I find another best friend?

After a month of research and visiting the Classic Heritage Property three separate times, I found them to be the best.

I have to tell you, its people like Ed and Heather that saved me. If not for their work raising puppies, where would I turn for another healthy well-adjusted best friend and companion?

I spent many hours on the property of Classic Heritage checking the adults dogs, puppies, and their living conditions and health. I spoke with the owners Ed and Heather on every visit and also judged them as very GOOD people.

I found only the BEST conditions. There was plenty of food and water. The area was clean and I saw ZERO dog feces, anywhere. I totally trust Ed and Heather.

I have gotten a new puppy from Classic Heritage and continue to do business with them for product, advice and special food."        


                                             ~ Rob Stinman

                                                Discovery Bay

New Update: "Koalani is 9 Months old and surpassed our expectations. She was easily trained with German Commands, loves her electric automatic doggy door, and most important 

LOVES Loud ENGINE noises and swimming off the dock.  And we are talking LOUD Engines.

This was a BIG Concern as we live on the River and wanted a Dog that fit our lifestyle that included not just quiet napping on deck, but water skiing and racing on the River with our big noisy engine boats.  


Visiting Classic Heritage we had high hopes for this. Koa is the MOST well adjusted and affectionate Golden we have ever had.  Koa is our 4th Golden, but our first English Cream Golden. This breed amazes us every day, and BY FAR, is the better breed than our past three American Goldens.  She is constantly at Rob’s side, swimming, playing, riding and even DRIVING the Go-Fast Boats." 

"Bex is doing great.  She is growing like crazy and is in picture perfect health and is adorable (and a devil).  Emily has been training her with a trainer and Bex already knows: sit, down, off, have a sniff, watch me, in between, settle, and touch.  And of course "potty outside."  She is also trained to lie down in a stroller so she can go on walks to hear the sights and sounds of the city. 

There are a couple people (Bex's Vet, for one) who may come calling to you for a puppy, if we can keep them from stealing Em's puppy.

Hope the other puppies are doing well, too!"


                                                             ~ Lisa Miller 

                                                                Davis, California

"Bennett is Amazing!

There is no possible way for us to be happier with him and the job you all have done to make this happen. He is sweet, smart, and so fun to be around! (Such a character!)

He loves everyone he meets and is so excited every time he gets to see another dog. When we had a friend’s one-year-old child over, he was so gentile and just calmly followed her as she crawled around. He is the most non-aggressive dog I’ve ever met, and his instinct is amazing. He loves his toys, natural hemp rope, and our socks! 

We also got our back yard done in artificial grass specifically for dogs. It so amazing and he loves it!

We are in-love with him!"

~ Shamus Booth

"Ryan and I feel like our lives truly changed when we brought home Ozy last December. He's the sweetest, most rambunctious little guy (well...not SO little anymore -- he's 35 pounds now!), and he's such a testament to the care and attention you gave him and his siblings."

 ~ Hayley Igarashi 

San Francisco, California

"He has been to the vet and had a perfect checkup. We have had the best experience and have the most loving pup so anything we can do to help Classic Heritage we would. We have recommended you to everyone who has asked."


Kimberly Hebert

"She is doing great!! We love her so much & is so much fun. She is having fun with her new pug sisters & French bulldog brother! 
She took to her crate beautifully no crying not even on the first night! 
She’s also doing great with potty training I’m really pleased!
We are thrilled to have her in our lives :) 
You guys were fantastic & so well organized I would recommend you for sure. 
Thank you!!!


Kimberly Ramos

English golden retriever puppy man

"Heather, Hope you and Ed are doing well and all the little puppies.
Joules is doing great. I could not have chosen a more perfect English Cream. Everybody she comes in contact with thinks she’s older than 6 months. She is so calm and mature at a young age. We had a big dove hunt for the weekend and had about 20 people and kids up. She loved it, she was like one of the kids. In my research for an English cream golden retriever I used the internet looking for months before I came across Joules. I just had that feeling the first time I saw that video she was the one I wanted.  Your website was easy to understand and very informative. I found communicating with Classic Heritage was easy and the fact that you wanted to know some things about me before entering into a contract meant you care very much about your business and the way this very special breed of English creams will be cared for. Thanks so much as well for taking time out of your busy schedule to deliver Joules and it was great getting to know you and ED. Hope we get to visit again soon. I will keep forwarding pictures of Joules.
Thanks again, Steve"

Steve Weaver

"I will stay in touch and let you know how Blue is doing.  He's an amazing dog and a perfect match for our family.  

This was the best experience we've had with any breeder. It's clear you all love the dogs and want them to go to good homes.  The pick up and orientation day was fantastic.  It was very helpful. 

I'll be in touch with you soon"



Tammy Abell

mother son and puppy

"Penny has been a dream! She's adjusting to her new life very well and we absolutely love her. She took immediately to her crate, and rarely cries. She's also been the star of our puppy training class, she can already reliably come, sit, down, rollover. We're working on leave it, paw, and loose leash walking now. 


Personality wise she's perfect for us. Respectfully playful when around other dogs, and matches out energy level whether we're running around the park or chilling on the couch.


Couldn't have been happier with the service you guys provided in educating and helping us choose Penny. The whole process was so smooth, I've already recommended Classic Heritage to countless people (she draws a lot of positive attention)."

Matt Edelman 

Mountain View, California

"we just wanted you to know how HAPPY we are with Sam. He looks just like the adult picture in your recent email. Smart, affable, easy to train, so gorgeous it's like living with a movie star. We will never have another breed of dog...

Sing your praises to people who ask, and have referred at least half a dozen folks who are interested in your puppies. 

Thanks so much"

Heather Millar

"Thank you so very much for Chance (Camo) Tuel - he is a delightful addition to our family!


He turned one year old today, and we celebrated with a puppy cake, of course, and maybe a few new toys. (see attached pics)


Every day when we go for walks, people will stop me on the street and tell me that Chance is "the most beautiful dog that they have ever seen" - which of course, makes his Mommy smile BIG.


Chance has a very sweet disposition - he even understands and recognizes "special people" - like my friend with Alzheimer's disease - he is more gentle with her than he is with anyone else - he just gets it!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for our sweet boy!"


Leslie Tuel

"Abby is fabulous. 


She has seen the vet and is perfect. 


She is a "fan favorite" with everyone at the vet's office.  Also, as an aside, the vet and her staff were so happy that we now have  such a perfect, precious puppy after losing Rhodey.  They said Abby is so lucky to have Geo and me as her mom and dad.


Today we are starting with a trainer. 


She is very smart.  She will come when called (if she if paying attention?).  She will sit, look you in the eye, and knows how to shake.  She does like to dig but if distracted runs off to play.  


She sleeps through the night 10:30-8am. 


I will send photos so you can see how she is fitting in with our family.  

We are grateful to you and Heather and FIFA for our beautiful Abby.


We love her so much. Again, thanks for checking in."

Mimi Paris


"Our Daisy girl has been such a joy in our lives. She is so loving and brings life into anyone who meets her. Daisy always has to have a toy by her side. Whether she is chasing our kitty, Noah, up and down the hallways or bringing you every toy from her basket she continuously puts a smile on our faces.  Daisy will make friends with any dog and absolutely adores people, she has become quite the social butterfly. She carries this soft spoken "woof" when she wants your attention or will just come sit on your lap. We are forever grateful that miss Daisy came into our lives and I hope these pictures give you a glimpse of the life of Daisy!"

McGrath Family 

English golden retriever

"She is the love of my life and I couldn't be more grateful to you for breeding such an impressive pup!"

Amanda Skinner

San Jose, California

"Thank you so much for everything yesterday, and helping guide us to our great selection of Finn!  We already adore him.  He is so cheerful, observant, and mellow.  I’m confident Finn has just the right temperament to take whatever comes his way, with ease.

Again, thank you for all your help and guidance.  Finn is just fantastic and he is going to be so happy in our home.  Can’t wait to show him off in puppy class!"

"After such a wonderful day spent with Finn, today, I just had to take a moment to update you on this incredible dog.  By the way, we have a friend who refers to him as “His Cuteness.”  Everywhere we take him he is swarmed over by admiring adults and children.  Many have asked where we got him, and I diligently provide them with your information.  He is so well behaved when meeting both humans and other dogs.


Since we are both retired, we are able to spend a lot of time with Finn.  As such, we have a chance to teach him many things, and he is such an avid learner — so smart. 


He graduated top of his class and the instructor told us he is clearly a special dog, and that we should do everything in our power to train him fully so he has a wonderful long, happy life.  We intend to follow her advice.  


Classic Heritage has a great thing going.  Your pups are precious.  Thank you again for working with us to find such a wonderful friend."

Barb and John Hailey

Alamo, California

English golden retriever

"Bella is the kindest, most gentle dog. She loves hanging by our side wherever we are and we can't keep her out of water. She is extremely well behaved and as a blonde she gets all the attention. She's the perfect dog and our family just loves her to pieces."

Julie Lindsay

"Our puppies (Kula and J.B.) are doing amazing.  They both have been unbelievably easy to train and are very well behaved around everyone.  My family is absolutely in love with them and we couldn’t have made a better choice—thank you!   The compliments I have had about them have been endless.  Please feel free to give my email or phone number as a reference to potential clients if needed."

Kelli Kniesel

Granite Bay, California

"We have referred several friends and some other people who have seen Enzo to you.  I hope they get as wonderful a dog as we did."

Bill and Debbie Barnes

El Cerrito, California

English golden retriever

"Thank you so much for all of your help!  Our puppy is so, so wonderful.  "Purple" now has the name Jemma and she is such a sweet girl.  Of course she gets the puppy crazies just like any puppy but overall I think she is pretty mellow.  She takes lots of naps, is doing really well with potty training and sleeps at least 6 hours every night in her crate :). She is such an affectionate girl and she is becoming more and more independent every day.  Neighborhood walks used to be intimidating for her but now she loves it and wants to explore as much as she can.  We have an excellent vet and have had two visits so far which have been great.  She doesn't like getting on the scale (although she will for treats) but overall she didn't seem very nervous, in fact she fell asleep!  We started a couple of sessions with a professional trainer (probably more important for me honestly) which have been great (she's such a smart girl and very treat-motivated).  My daughter and all her kindergarten classmates just adore her and she is wonderful with children.  We are so very lucky to have this sweet new family member :). The whole neighborhood loves her too so you may see some extra clients coming your way soon!


I hope you are all well.  Thanks so much for checking in."

Jane Snyder

San Jose, California

English golden retriever

"Charlotte is an absolute dream!!!! She's slept through the night since we brought her home!! However, Potty training has been slow, but I'm sure she'll get it soon! She sleeps in her crate at night and sometimes goes to it on her own during the day. I take her out with me to run a car carrier. She's so easy!  

She's such a sweet puppy! Very loving! Very quiet! She prefers to be held like a baby and snuggle! We are just in love with her! We are having professional photos taken of her next week, so I'll be sure to send you some!

Our first Vet visit went very well. Of course the vet loved her!! ... Charlotte is very, very mellow. However, Loves to play with us or her toys! 

She responds to her name and I've taught her to "sit" with a hand command as well as saying the word out loud. I've held off on leash training..want to wait until she was a bit older. I'll probably start this next week. Charlotte experienced her first big snowstorm. We had 15" a couple weeks ago. She loved it! Ate a ton! Now that I think about it, of course she did!  She's a champion eater! Ha ha 

I'll send you a couple snapshots! Thanks again for reaching out!" 

Justine Foy 

Littleton, Colorado

"Wanted to let you all know that Winston is amazing!

Hate to say this, but she's the smartest dog I've ever had--even the trainers are amazed. She's very well adjusted and an absolute pleasure. Thanks again."

Margaret Goodman

Las Vegas, Nevada

"Lexi is doing great!  I think coming into a home with a 4 year old golden retriever helped her a lot.
Mylie has accepted her with open paws!  In fact, they are playing at my feet as i type!

We have the pooping thing down great.  The other is still a work in progress but its ok, she is only a little over 11 weeks.

We had a great experience with Classic Heritage and would definitely recommend you to anyone interested in an English Golden Retriever.

Thanks for checking in!"

Laurie Brennan

Los Altos, California

older dog with younger dog
English golden retriever

Scott’s (above) work has been widely celebrated on television on Tricks of The Trade for The Fine Living Channel, The Travel Channel, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, NBC’s Life Moments, as a host in charge of design on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition

"Lady Clarice Mae and Lord Buck Rusty have arrived home in Incline Village, Nevada... in all my years with golden retrievers I have NEVER brought home puppies that are so exceptional!!! OMG - testament to the incredible dedication of Heather and Ed! Clarice and Buck are champs on potty training... literally, no mistakes in the first 24 hours. And they took to the drill in a hearbeat! They slept the whole night through without a peep. They're already exploring the house and taking on the flights of stairs like it ain't no thing! We couldn't be happier! Thanks Heather and Ed!"


"We are just IN LOVE with C&B!!! It has been an absolute blast these past three weeks now... and they seem to be growing like crazy! Every time we turn around we feel like they've grown another inch!


We can't thank or acknowledge you enough for the foundation you given them to get ready to come to our home. They are both super intelligent! And they are taking to potty training like no other puppies I've ever had. They are expanding their reach each day with more and more access to places in our home in Tahoe. They get to go to St. Helena this week - we'll see how that goes! Should be pretty entertaining."


They adore Duke! And Duke is loving his new role as proud papa - adoption papers signed, sealed and delivered! ; ]


UPDATE:  Our vet at Carson Valley Vet, Dr. Lance, was so impressed by them he asked who we went through. We made sure he got all your information. He works with some 'big names' in the Reno/Carson communities and John Esquaga, owner of the Golden Nugget, is one of his clients. John apparently has been looking for just what C&B are... Dr. L was highly impressed. Hope there is a connection there for you all.


Scott & Russ Corridan

Incline Village, Nevada

"We're having a blast!!! Sooooooo much fun!!

Haven is perfect - mellow and playful.  We have had a great day with Haven.  She loves everyone and all the dogs but she is also careful and a little hesitant at first around the big dogs, which is great!  She is just amazing and so alert of her surroundings."

Jill and Makayla Munsonn

Napa, California

English golden retriever

"Bowie is doing just great in his new home!  He has grown to around 24 pounds and I swear he is twice the size!  He is just as loving, playful and cuddly as we ever could have hoped for.  We are very much in love, and I do think Bo is too!  Each passing day it seems he is becoming more willing to listen to our commands and hang close by us, while becoming less inclined to ignore us and go off on his own.


His first vet visit went great, they confirmed the little pup is in perfect health.  They declined to offer his first round of vaccinations due to proximity with his last set (administered under your care).  He has an appointment next week to get the next set.


Our experience with Classic Heritage has been very positive.  All the information and support you provided before and during the pick-up session was very much appreciated.  My only comment would be that it might have been preferable if the pick-ups had been staggered such that the families with earlier picks would have already made their picks upon arrival.  Waiting around for the 1st family to make their pick was a little discouraging, though I do understand it can be hard to be so accommodating of people's different schedules.  All in all, I would definitely recommend Classic Heritage to friends and family!


Thanks again for all your help, and let us know if you have any advice for us and Bowie!"

Eric Stone

San Francisco, California

English golden retriever

"Good morning Heather!  Savanna has done awesome!  No potty problems, she's learned to sit, starting to chew more but has learned to chew on her toys rather than the furniture already!  

I cannot express how deeply touched my husband and I are for making today such a special and memorable day! We are so glad we found you and promise to take the best of care of our new family adition, Savanna"

Olivia Lynn 

Hercules, CA

English golden retriever on a walk

Mr. Black is doing wonderfully (the kids named him Hunter). I cannot tell you how much we love him!  He is so sweet and calm. He didn't cry at all last night and slept with no accidents until 6:00. We have not had one accident in the house yet!  Thank you for blessing us with this sweet boy! 


Just wanted to send you a quick update of Hunter

(Mr.Black). He LOVES the water!  He is doing so well and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He's doing great with obedience training and we are starting classes next week. I'm sure he will be the star of the class!  He has been such a blessing to our family and we couldn't ask for a better puppy!  


UPDATE: Hunter is doing amazingly well!  I've been working hard at training him and he has been incredibly successful. I was training him myself, but decided to join a class last week for socialization reasons. He was evaluated and joined an intermediate class. I may be biased, but he is the most beautiful and well behaved dog in the class!  I just love him so much and am so grateful that he's a part of our family. He has formed a very strong attachment to me and follows me everywhere I go. 


UPDATE: Hi!  I just wanted to send you a quick update on Hunter. He is pretty much the BEST dog ever and our family wouldn't be complete without him ☺️. We always spend the holidays down in Southern California at my parent's house and he has been such a good boy. I taught him on the first day how to use their dog door and be calm around their cats and he has been perfect with both. We spent the day today hiking Forest Falls today and he had such a wonderful time. He is such a special and amazing boy!! 

Lisa Young

Lincoln, California

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