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From our recent Sasha Sunshine and Max litter (Born 6/18/19), Turquoise can be outgoing and confident, but also has a very sweet and cuddly side when she makes her way onto your lap for a nap or is simply content being held. Overall she is pretty extroverted and likes to be the center of attention. A playful and happy girl, she will bounce and follow sweeping brooms or vacuums on the other side of the gate with confidence and curiosity. She is also very observant and quick to learn.  Turquoise is intelligent, but loves to use her smarts to interact with those around her in a loving manner.  She will enjoy the company of dogs and people alike.  She is available at our classic puppy price of $3900 and can join your family now.

For more information or to meet Turquoise, please feel free to contact us.

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