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Old English Style Poem about Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever, of fur so fair With eyes that sparkle, and a tail that doth flare A companion true, in heart and mind Forever by our side, of loyalty entwined

Thou art a joy, a treasure to behold With a heart of gold, stories yet untold In fields of green, thou dost frolic and play Bringing laughter and cheer, brightening each day

Thy spirit is free, wild and unbroken Thy love for us, forever spoken Though thou art but a pup, thy heart is old Golden Retriever, thy story yet to be told

In times of need, thou art ever true A friend to guide us, in all we pursue We are blessed to have thee, in our lives Our beloved Golden Retriever, forever thrives

With thy wagging tail and thy loving gaze Golden Retriever, thy beauty doth amaze Forever in our hearts, thou shalt stay Golden Retriever, forever and a day

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