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Wagging Happy Again.

(Just a little Pup Poem for you)

In the morning sun, a golden pup was born, His coat a shining gold, his eyes so warm. His tail was wagging, a sign of pure joy, And all who saw him, loved the little boy.

But soon the pup grew, and life became tough, As his family moved on, leaving him in the rough. He wandered alone, his tail no longer wagging, As the days grew cold, his spirits began sagging.

But then one day, a stranger appeared, With kind eyes and a smile, the pup felt no fear. He took the little one in, gave him a home, And soon the pup's tail began to roam.

With a wag and a woof, the pup found his voice, And with every tail wag, he showed his rejoice. He was loved and cared for, a family at last, And his tail never stopped wagging, a memory of his past.

So though life may be tough, and times may be sad, Remember the wag of a tail, a sign that all's not bad. For with love and kindness, we can heal and mend, And bring joy to a pup, a loyal and loving friend.

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