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Feeding Your Puppy/Dog

We only feed, and highly suggest feeding your dogs a raw food diet.
Through extensive research and trials, we have concluded that, for the nutrition and the higher quality of food, a raw blended diet is the best option for our dogs.  Our research has shown a surprising amount about the dog food industry and we do not feel that it meets our expectations of food for our dogs and puppies and does not fulfill our desire to be the best breeders and dog owners we can be.  
Heritage Prime Pet is a raw dog food company that what we feel is the absolute best pet nutrition we can feed our dogs and yours.  We sincerely hope that you will continue to purchase and provide this food to your puppy as they grow and for their lifetime, as it is the best nutrition you can provide for them. You can visit their website by clicking the image below or going to /


Other Sources:  We really appreciate the information granted from this site as well.  If you have questions about feeding a raw food diet, please take a look here:

Water and Food Bowls: 

Your puppy/dog should have their own bowls that are used just for them.  Water should be cool and fresh and always be available.  We recommend using stainless steel bowls as they clean easily and usually last a long time.  

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