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Feeding Your Puppy/Dog

puppy and bowl

We feed our dogs and pups Nature's Logic Distinction line. In their own words, Nature's Logic is "formulated the way a truly natural diet should be. We never use man-made, chemically-synthesized vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. Nature’s Logic® 100% natural pet foods are made primarily of meats and other high-quality protein sources, combined with carefully selected plant products to naturally provide the essential nutrition your pet needs to thrive." We love that message and agree entirely, so that is why we feed their distinction line.  There "Distinction Line"  of food is not found in big box stores or Chewy's.  Follow the link above to get to the store map "Where To Buy."
Make sure the store near you carries its "Distinction Line."
(Food Link to Site for Locations)

We ask that any new pups heading to their forever home please purchase at least one bag so that you are able to make the transition for your puppy easier. 

We know there are so many different pet food brands and even ways to feed your furry family member, so we have also provided suggestions on other foods we like and would recommend. 

Other recommendations
Raw Food - Smallbatch, Primal, Tuckers
Freeze Dried Food - Sunday's, Stella and Chewy's
Dry Food - Nature's Logic


Water and Food Bowls: 

Your puppy/dog should have their own bowls that are used just for them.  Water should be cool and fresh and always be available.  We recommend using stainless steel bowls as they clean easily and usually last a long time.  

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