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Your puppy will come to you with their first wormings done, their first set of vaccinations, and their first monthly heart guard pill.  Your vet will recommend a vaccination schedule at his or her first visit. We give the puppies their first set for canine vaccines of 1-DAPPv and Lepto through our vet at Willow Creek Vet Clinic in Folsom. Your puppy will receive further shots from your vet. 

 We recommend a raw food blended diet above all other dog foods. If you are feeding kibble or another non-raw diet, we highly recommend a supplement for your dog.  With a complete and balanced raw food diet, the supplements are redundant and not needed.  Visit our food website here at;


Your puppy will come with his first dose of Heartguard. You will continue this on a monthly basis. You will also need to provide your puppy with flea and tick protection if there are problems with this in your homes area. Here are some good recommendations.  Fleas can make you and your dog miserable.  Ticks carry life-threatening diseases.  Your dog is a magnet for these pests. What works? 


We recommend:  Nexgard, it can be purchased from your vet. We also recommend Capstar.  If you need to get rid of fleas in a hurry, a one-time dose of Capstar begins working within 30 minutes. 


Heartworm preventative: Don’t waste any time getting your puppy started on heartworm preventative medication.  If you purchase your product within the United States, you will need an initial prescription from the vet.  There are many excellent products, including a shot/vaccine that acts as a 1 year preventative (administered by your vet). 


For heart worm and general health, we suggest Heartgard Plus. Our dogs really enjoy this chewable and tasty nugget. There is also Nuheart.  This is a generic version of Heartgard (and not tasty at all).  It comes in a small pill that can be disguised in a piece of meat. Ask your vet about the one year preventative shot as it is also an excellent choice.

We ask that you avoid Trifexis as it has been linked with death for puppies under the age of one and the use of this medication voids our health guarantee. 

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