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English Golden Retriever Puppy

Trusted Products

Heritage Prime Pet is affiliated with Classic Heritage but has no affiliation with these other listed brands or purchases.

Food and Snacks

N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring
We find that young teething puppies can be a bit of a hand full, but they love these rings. Not only does it occupy their mouths in this toothy time, but they also engage their paws for even more fun.
They can be found here: Click here

This treat is a favorite of our trainer when using store bought rewards for training.  They have an aroma that puppies are drawn to which is important for keeping their attention.
They can be found here: Click here


Other Items

Dust-free Cedar or Pine Shavings
In their upbringing, we train our pups to go to the bathroom on wood shavings.  We find that it is a successful beginning of the potty training process.  For more information on how to utilize this, please bring it up with us. ​We like Mallard Creek among other brands.

Potty Box
To facilitate potty training, we find that having a box near where you want them to go to the bathroom helps.  When the pup is drawn to the scent, they can be escorted to a safe location to go to the bathroom. The best size box is a rectangular size, under the bed storage box or box that you would use for gift wrap storage.  Please ask us for more guidance on fully potty training your puppy.

Hot Dog Collars
If you find that your collar is not staying secure, we have found that a metal clasp works very well.  Available in different colors and with an embroidered option, we have had good luck with these. They can be found at

Collar Tags
An alternative to the collar is the family suggested brand CollarTags.  These are potentially safer than tags that can be easily pulled off and consumed.
These can be found at their website here: CollarTags

Metal or chew proof Crate
For those that want to ​crate train their puppies, please keep in mind that your young one will be growing quickly over the next several months.  If you plan for your dog to continue their crate use, it is advantageous to purchase a metal crate with a separator that can expand as they grow in size.  When in use, it is imperative that the dog have adequate, but not an excess of space.

Stainless steel bowls
We highly suggest stainless steel bowls instead of plastic, specifically at this age, as they are chew-proof and easily washed.  They can be found at any food supply or dog merchandise shop.

Dog friendly Shampoo
There are plenty of shampoos that work well with golden retrievers' coats.  We use a variety of products, but have yet to find one that we feel is superior.  If in question of quality, a quick search online tends to be a good indicator. We like to use Bio-Groom products. For their 'Super White' shampoo: Click here

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