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Due to full reservation lists, our next available puppies will be in Summer/Fall 2021. To reserve a puppy for next summer, send an email of your interest.

 Pictured below are the possible upcoming parents of our 2021 litters.


12 and 16 week old Crown and Gold Crown Reserve puppies will be ready for their new homes in January/February 2021. Taking reservations now for puppies with this distinction. Click the button below to see some examples of past Crown Reserve puppies.  Below you will see Leo, he is a wonderful boy and has spent the last eight weeks in our training program.   Leo is a "Gold Crown Reserve" and more information is available on our training page about puppies like him, including pricing.  Leo has already found his forever home.



Leo is a Gold Crown Reserve puppy which means he is a breeder reserve for his quality and ability to learn things early and quickly. He is going through our training program until he is 16 weeks old.   Pricing reflects extended training and quality.

Thank you for inquiring about wonderful Leonardo’s Masterpiece of Classic Heritage, “Leo” was born on 5/19/20 and his parents are Vasilisa (Vasi) and Everest.  He is a wonderful boy and was handpicked very early on to go through our extended training program.  He will have received eight weeks of additional training and you can see what he has worked on over those last eight weeks here; https://www.classicheritagegoldenretrievers.com/training.  Leo’s pricing is reflected as a “Gold Crown Reserve” on that training page.


As Leo is a Gold Crown Reserve he is considered to be an incredible representation of the breed with outstanding conformation, beauty, and above all a wonderful temperament and personality that will make him suitable for any family given to him.  Leo has been mastering his skills over the last several weeks. 


Leo is potty trained and sleeps through the night in his crate.  He would also be happy sleeping on a dog or human bed, I am sure.  We leave that up to the new owner to decide.  Leo is very cuddly and always has been since early on in our socializing sessions.  Leo would love a family with children as he enjoys playtime and especially the cuddle time ;)

He enjoys the water and loves to splash around in the creek on our property.  He chases the ball but we are still working on having him bring it back.  Leo has an excellent recall for his age always checking back in with you to make sure he is not going too far without permission.  He is very smart and has picked up on basic obedience very quickly.  He has an occasional forgetfulness streak when a lot of distractions are presented to him however, for a puppy of four months of age, his ability to perform commands as asked is very good.  He does very well meeting any new people or other dogs and loves all he meets.  He greets with very nice manners without jumping up and getting overly excited.


Leo is confident, happy, and playful, he is adventurous and enjoys exploring new environments, conquering each new situation with ease; he is smart and will sit and assess new exposures before deciding to run into the thick of it. After the play, he enjoys downtime laying at your feet or burrowed in your lap, if you will only let him.  Leo has excellent foundational skills and has learned commands such as; sit, down, stay, come, heel, wait, off, place, leave it, drop it, bring it, look, settle and more.


Sweet and expressive, he loves to venture out on his own and then check back in and be the center of attention. He is personable, active, and will be a lot of fun. He is a quick learner and is catching on quickly to new commands with luring, treats and praise.  Leo has excellent therapy dog qualities and would enjoy, for instance, visiting children’s hospitals or retirement homes and spreading joy to all who will accept his love.  No matter what you have planned for this beautiful boy, he will be a wonderful companion for years to come for your family. 


If you would like the opportunity to add a puppy like Leo to your family, we are happy to provide more information about our upcoming Crown and Gold Crown Reserve puppies.  Our next 12-16 week old puppies will be ready for their new homes in January and February 2021.

These are the dogs being bred Spring 2021

First Time Puppy Owners

Whether you are raising a wonderful family pet or an amazing star studded champion, it doesn't get much better then having an adorable golden retriever puppy around the house.  Every day we are learning how to care for this breed and will continue to update on what we have found that works best for putting your puppy on the best road to happiness and health.  Here are some tips, advice and links we would like to share. (click below on "More Information").


You can contact us for more information on our upcoming available puppies and the pairings.

In order to reserve a puppy, contact us about your interest in upcoming litters by going to our "Contact Us" tab at the top.  At that point, I can let you know about the dam and sire pairings, your pick placement, and more about the puppy homing process.  If you wish to be included in our e-mail send outs, please tell us that you're interested.  Just so you know, our puppies are normally reserved very quickly, so the earlier you reserve your puppy, the better chance you have to receive one.  


If you would like to take the first steps toward finding out about bringing home a Classic Heritage Golden Retriever puppy, write me an email about yourself, experience with dogs, or anything that may help me know more about you and the environment you will provide one of our puppies. This is to ensure a thriving future for our puppies.  English cream golden retrievers with strong pedigree lines, champion lineage, health clearances and genetic screenings range in price. 

Please read the waiting list and deposit link below which will answer some questions about the process.  Our puppy contract is also available below for more information about our policies (see heading tab "MORE" above or the links just below).  If you are interested in any of our puppies or availability, contact us for more information.


We look forward to placing one of our puppies with your family!