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Available Puppies


Chloe &

Chloe and Thor's Litter Video 6.5 weeks (above)

Yes, we have available puppies!

Chloe & Thor:

Going home starting at 10 weeks on October, 14th 2023.

Ellie & Zephyr

Going home starting December 24th

We are taking reservations now for these puppies, so use our "Contact Us" page or button to inquire!


(10-weeks with foundational training) 

 Our 10-week-old puppies go home with a great start in our Foundational training program.  The foundations include sit/stay, down, place, leash work, come, look, touch, crate training, potty training, house manners, and more.  See our training page for more information including pricing.  We are taking reservations now for 10-week-old puppies.  Our next planned litters are here and we are taking reservations now for these pairings.

CROWN RESERVE (with Training)

Silver, Gold, or Diamond  (12-20 Weeks) 

We take great pride in the quality of our puppies, as each one is unique, intelligent, and stunning. In addition to our regular puppy-raising program, we have designated a select few of our Heritage Gold puppies to be placed in our Crown Reserve Program. These puppies have been chosen for their exceptional learning abilities and superior structure and temperament, and are considered top candidates for our breeding program. We affectionately refer to them as "Crown Reserve" puppies, as they have been crowned with "Silver/Gold/Diamond" level training due to their remarkable responsiveness from an early age. These puppies are also ideal for those in need of service-trained dogs.  We designate them as Breeder's Picks from each litter, and then 'Crown" them with SILVER, GOLD, and DIAMOND levels of training.

We are pleased to offer these exceptional puppies for adoption, beginning at 12 weeks of age. Please visit our training page to learn more about our Crown Reserve puppies and reserve one today. We also invite you to contact us to schedule a visit with the puppies and their parents, where you can meet us in person and see how our dogs and puppies live. If you are interested in providing a loving forever home for one of these amazing pups, please contact us for the next steps and to complete the puppy application.

First Time Puppy Owners

Whether you are raising a wonderful family pet or an amazing star studded champion, it doesn't get much better then having an adorable golden retriever puppy around the house.  Every day we are learning how to care for this breed and will continue to update on what we have found that works best for putting your puppy on the best road to happiness and health.  Here are some tips, advice and links we would like to share. (click below on "More Information").

English Golden Retriever puppy and mom

You can contact us for more information on our upcoming available puppies and the pairings.

In order to reserve a puppy, contact us about your interest in upcoming litters by going to our "Contact Us" tab at the top.  At that point, I can let you know about the dam and sire pairings, your pick placement, and more about the puppy homing process.  If you wish to be included in our e-mail send outs, please tell us that you're interested.  Just so you know, our puppies are normally reserved very quickly, so the earlier you reserve your puppy, the better chance you have to receive one.  
If you would like to take the first steps toward finding out about bringing home a Classic Heritage Golden Retriever puppy, write me an email about yourself, your experience with dogs, or anything that may help me know more about you and the environment you will provide one of our puppies. This is to ensure a thriving future for our puppies.  

We look forward to placing one of our puppies with your family!

New Puppies available
Crown's Reserves
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