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If you live with one of our dogs and you would like to submit them for our featured dog page, please email with well composed photos and a message that illustrates their personality and why they should be our featured dog.


Owner: Solis Family


"We are the Solis family, it has been about 12 months since we brought our first puppy, who we named “Guy”, home for our son.

 We knew we wanted a buddy and service dog candidate for our special little boy. Guy is great with our son Camden and gets along with other people and animals incredibly well. He's a very smart and sweet dog and gentle with our son. Guy is continuing his training to be a service dog for Camden and is learning quickly. We get a lot of compliments, not just on his looks, but also how calm and gentle he is for his age. 

We are very thankful to Classic Heritage for their help in finding the perfect dog for our son. We are very excited about what the future holds for Guy and Camden. "



The Solis Family

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