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Contacting Us​

Please send us an email below.

The above map is our town, NOT our location as we do not publish our address as visits are by appointment.  We are under 3 miles from the above point.

We would love to talk more about your interest in our puppies and answer any questions you have.  If you already know you would like to reserve a puppy, you can contact us about your interest, and we will begin exploring how that happens with a current or future litter.  This process will also involve discussing the environment the puppy should have in a new home. 
I look forward to hearing from you.  Please fill out the email information below.  You will receive an auto response email with additional pricing and availability.  After you receive and review our email, I will be happy to answer any further questions and discuss your future with a Golden Retriever puppy.

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Hello Greeting from Classic Heritage

It is faster to receive a response about puppies through email, but I can be contacted by phone in case of a very urgent need (other than puppy inquiry).  Our number is: 916-259-3887

Contact Us

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