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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that may be helpful for future or present puppy owners and families.

Q.  Why should I want an English Golden Retriever?  
A.  The Golden Retriever Breed really speaks for itself.  There is a reason they are one of the most popular breeds in the US.  They are incredibly loving, intelligent, tolera
nt, as well as renowned for being fantastic pets and capable working dogs.  As of the English version, we find that they exhibit similar traits with the American side, but are commonly able to have a distinction between play time and a time to be calm.  They have a different look, but that is a personal preference we appreciate.

Q.  Of all Golden Retriever breeders, why should I choose Classic Heritage?
A.  In short, we love dogs.  That alone does not make us special, but it fuels and motivates us to do and have the best for our dogs and puppies.  We do not take lightly the act of breeding and strive to be the best that we can.  All our puppies are socialized and acclimated in order to grow into well adjusted dogs.  As they grow, we watch them develop and work to find them a good and fitting home.  Our adult dogs are all of excellent pedigrees and have records of at least three generations to ensure longevity and good health.  We stand behind that and offer a health guarantee on our puppies for 26 months on heart, hips, elbows, and eyes.  We encourage people to see our dogs and facility when considering us or any breeder; It helps to see the dogs in their normal state and to experience how they are interacted on a day to day basis.  We like to be transparent and open with our dogs and how we operate here and have regular visit days.  Please take a look.

Q.  Do you have puppies regularly available?  If not, how does your waiting list work?
A.  We have high demand for our puppies and because of that, we very rarely have puppies that are not called for at their birth.  When we receive your deposit, you will be given your options for the next available litter or be offered the ability to wait if you wish to delay. 

Q.  I want to give my puppy a treat.  Is there anythin
g you recommend?
A.  If your young one is food motivated, we find that treats are effective when used in moderation.  We prefer using fresh meats and treats with simple, pure ingredients and limited sugar.  We like the brands Victor and Orijen.

Q.  I have stairs in our home, is that a problem for the puppy?
A.  There has been some talk amongst breeders that warn against excessive or consistent stair use, specifically in the formative year, due to the potential to develop hip dysplasia.  We understand that stairs are a part of human life, so we recommend that, as able, you carry or minimize stair use as much as possible.

Q.  When potty training, do you find anything that works well?
A.  We use cedar or pine shavings from when the puppies are three weeks old to facilitate the training.  By the time they go home with you, they associate their bathroom time with the scent and texture.  When bringing a puppy home, we suggest that you have a liter box of cedar shavings close to the door and, as the pup is drawn to it to go to the bathroom, get them outside first.  If you like to have a specific place in the yard where the pup can go potty, we find that having a little shavings on the ground can help with that. These are available at different places, but here are a few examples of what we use: Bedding Pellets​

Q.  We are to wanting to spay/neuter our dog, when do you propose we do that?
A.  That is great that you are wanting to wait.  Studies show that the longer you delay getting them spayed or neutered the less likely your dog will be to get cancers.  We request at very least one full year for males and one heat cycle for females.

Q.  We do not want to spay/neuter our dog for health reasons; is that an option?
A.  We stand behind that choice and there is a separate contract if you wish to not spay or neuter your dog.

Q.  Will we receive our puppy's registration paperwork and how will that happen?
A.  You will receive your puppy's paperworks after we receive conformation of the spay or neuter of your pup.  We will send in for their AKC papers and send them to you.

Q.  We were thinking about crate training or using a pen.  What do you think about using them?
A.  As long as they are used in moderation and in a productive way, we think they are a great idea.  We find that some of our dogs actually enjoy their crate time and find it as their safe haven.  It also facilitates potty training when done throughout the night.  For more information on the benefits of crate training, feel free to ask.

Q.  Our yard has some plants that we are not sure are safe for our puppy.  Do you know what is unsafe for puppies?
A.  There are many good sources of poisonous plants, but there is a comprehensive list of plants, human foods, and cleaners that the ASPCA has put together.  There is a lot to look through but it is good to be knowledgeable and safe.

Click Here for the ASPCA guide 

If you have any more specific questions, please contact us for more information.

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